Are you still there?

Hey there, is anyone still out there?

I rebooted this blog thinking I’d like to have a Sunday & Wednesday schedule but it started to get a bit too routine and I fell off (obviously). I kept thinking that if I didn’t have a routine posting schedule it wasn’t a “real blog”, while most if not all successful blogs have a regular schedule I don’t have to. I reminded myself that this little space is MY space so why post if I’m not feeling it? For now on I’ll be posting when I’m feeling the urge. Maybe a few times a week, maybe a week off. Either way it’s better.
I’m currently on a bit of a staycation at B’s house as I rejuvenate before starting my new job Monday. I’ve just been cleaning, studying and now taking care of him since we think he’s come down with the flu. I guess I’ve been a housewife but honestly how do they do it? I got cabin fever the first day! There’s only so much time movies and anime can waste.

If you have any tv/movie recommendations for me drop them in a comment!

Talk to you soon (hopefully)-Asia

What do you do when you just don’t know?


I swear this happens to me at least once a year, maybe it’s normal coming from a 23 year old but it can be the worst feeling ever. I’m over feeling like I make progress then come to another wall. Progress isn’t linear, but I need to feel like I’m at least going in the right direction.

I left a job I hated and got a job that I do honestly enjoy, the only issue is I’m not making enough money. It’s really slow so everyone only works 3 days a week, how am I expected to survive off of 3 days? It’s no ones fault, but something needs to change.

I know how to take classes but with this job I can’t pay for them as well as everyday expenses. I usually have an idea of where I should apply to and how to get out of this but this time I’m not sure.

So what do you do when you have no idea where to begin?

There’s always a way


I hit a bit of a road block when it came to finding a way to learn about graphic design. I know that there are many designers out there that taught themselves. And with books and Youtube it’s entirely possible. For me, I could do that but I truly love learning from passionate professors and having a structure/deadline for projects keeps me on track. I prefer being in a class setting but I’ve come to understand that because I have student loans and every day expenses that probably isn’t possible. I started looking for online Master’s programs thinking that getting a Master’s is the obvious next step in my education… wrong.

One of my old mentors got in touch with a woman that owned her own sign shop and she first asked me why I wanted a Master’s in the first place. What? Why not? She explained how if I don’t plan to become a teacher (never) or full time artist (nope) then it’ll be a waste of money.

Thank god she told me that.

Ever since then a weight has been lifted because I was so worried about having to take out more loans. I’m already struggling to pay the ones I have now.

A co-worker of mine also does graphic design and gave me a list of websites where I can take online courses then receive a certificate as well as a portfolio at the end AND the most expensive one I saw was for $1200. Totally doable. My GD journey doesn’t seem so bleak anymore.

Now I just need a better job to pay for it… *Lauryn Hill sigh*

A Brutal Winter


For the DMV it’s been a pretty mild winter, not much snow, a few ice patches here and there and it hasn’t been as cold as it could be. Yesterday it was over 70 degrees out which had everyone running outside. I personally hate the cold with my entire being so I loved it, but it doesn’t mean that the winter hasn’t effected me.

The cold and dryness of this season can totally ruin your body inside and out. Lately I’ve realized that my skin has been so dry! If I don’t put on several layers of lotion my skin will feel like it’s going to fall off because of how badly I scratch it. Itchy, dry skin is the worst. It’s my hips, waist, legs and even my face. I typically have really oily skin but the area around my nose has been super dry. The little sliver of skin that’s by the sides of your nostrils has cracked so bad that at night it’ll even hurt. Maybe I need a more heavy duty face moisturizer because I can’t deal anymore.

My hair has been all over the place as well. It was frizzy and lifeless earlier this year so I had to do a long deep conditioning session to bring it back. I was battling with dry scalp and I thought it got better but it’s back. My next step is to try changing my shampoo/conditioner to something with intensive hydration.

Have you been fighting against the dry winter? Let me know how you’ve been keeping hydrated!

February Goals 2017

It felt like January dragged on forever didn’t it? But it’s officially February first! Black history month and the month of loooove. It may be the shortest one of the year but it’s still one of my favs. 

Last month I set up some goals so I could try to not have my life in shambles…

~complete FAFSA
~send transcript to MC
~get a damn car wash
~get car maintenanced

I got 3/4 of my goals accomplished! The one I didn’t get to is the most embarrassing… I still haven’t washed my car. I’m so awful at getting that done, I need to clean out all of those old parking receipts, dust the dash and clean the windows.

This month will be about doing what’s important to me.

~research more art magazines 
~call Towson about grad certificate 
~make hotel reservation for trip in august
~start drawing 

When I got off from work I went to the newsstand and found some pretty awesome magazines. Some of the really great ones were $20 and up which is a shame but I’m sure they’re worth it. This month I have so many events like seeing The Read Live, two birthdays and Valentine’s Day. People don’t want me to have money. B and I are flying to Florida a day early so I need to find a hotel for us to stay in, most likely high as hell since it’s in Orlando.

It’s gonna be a fun packed month and despite being permanently broke I know I’ll enjoy it.

What are your plans for this month?

Treat Yoself

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty frugal. Anything over $20 feels like a splurge unless it’s something valuable. I try to not make a habit of eating out at restaurants or constantly buying things because a girl has bills to pay and loans to pay off. 

But sometimes it’s ok to treat yourself once in awhile. Now don’t go crazy and spend your whole check but take yourself out for lunch tomorrow. Buy a bath bomb and a couple face masks for a pamper day. Go get some sexy lingerie so you can feel like a bad bitch under your clothes. Live a little.

Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself sometimes. You’ve been working hard lately, you deserve it.