Help me destress

On this gloomy day I’m doing my weekly domestic duties like cleaning and practicing some self care because it has been too long. Last weekend was so eventful and draining so today I shall be doing absolutely nothing important. I won’t force you to read an entire novel of what happened so I’ll just keep it cute and brief with some bullets.

  • B’s dad came to visit
  • We planned to have a day in DC
  • my mom decided to tag along
  • Embarrassing parents
  • Climate change protest
  • Yayoi kusama exhibit
  • Casual flirting turning to outright disrespect
  • Bowling 
  • 4 hours of driving all over MD

My sanity was at stake the entire weekend but B was able to keep me from jumping out of the moving car. There is a small amount of time that I can spend around certain people and that time was severely exceeded. I shall be using today to erase all of that stress. 

If anyone has tips to relax and destress please let me know.


Mini Moments 01


It’s been two whole weeks since I’ve started my new job. Two weeks of ups and downs. Two weeks of getting to know myself again. So I thought I’d share the little moments that made these two weeks worth while.

waking up without an alarm.
sleeping to the sound of the rain.
becoming more confident at work.
lunch breaks outside.
solo shopping trips.
reading blogs with a puppy in my lap.
comfy beds.
warm soup before bed.
successful twist outs.
warm weather.
long showers.

I have a laundry list of things I need to do but for now I’ll just enjoy these mini moments.

Podcasts I listen to

Do you ever wish you had people to talk to you about inspiration, self care, motivation or just gossip? I’m not talking about your friends, I’m talking about being able to listen to people inspire or just make you laugh when you need it without knowing your own mess. Instead of scrolling through celebrity gossip sites or reading every self help book I listen to podcasts. My bes fren got me into them and it honestly feels like a separate group of best friends you hang out with once a week. I’ll be laughing and talking like they can actually hear me (don’t judge).

I currently listen to three podcasts on Soundcloud that either get me through the day or just use for background noise while I do work. There are podcasts for everything so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one about any subject you want but here are the ones I tune into on a weekly basis.


The Read
This was the first podcast I got into and it started with Kid Fury on YouTube ranting about every day New York and any other recklessness he came across in his daily life. He started the podcast with his friend Crissle and every Thursday they honor #blackexcellence, talk about the newest celebrity gossip and “read” someone/thing that pissed them off. If I need a good laugh this is my go-to because their way of describing things are hilarious and there are no fucks given.


The Friend Zone
If you need advice on mental wellness, this is the podcast for you. Fran, or Hey Fran Hey, is most known for her YouTube channel where she is about all things natural and how to live a better life. Along with Assante and Dustin they really make you evaluate your life and dig deep into your feelings so that you come out a better person. Face your demons if you will. The guys are a hot mess so you’re laughing along the way as you ask yourself “What would my ex’s say about me if they were all in a room together?”. Tune into this one every Tuesday.


Gettin’ Grown
Last but definitely not least is Gettin’ Grown. This one is so new that it only began a few weeks ago. I fell in love with Jade and Keia because of how real they are about finding your footing in your adult life, especially as a black woman. Since they’re fairly new their topics are a bit all over the place but I promise that it all comes together in a theme at the end and it is all relevant to today. Topics like being a woman in a male workplace and knowing your worth really resonated with me and it can for you too. They post on Tuesdays as well so you can get a double dose of black excellence on the same day!

The best thing about these podcasts is they are all friends! It began with The Read, they passed the torch to The Friend Zone and so on. Black people uplifting one another. Ri and I are so obsessed with them that we’ve attended 2 live shows of The Read, and one show of The Friend Zone so we’ve seen all of them in person! Assante and Dustin often host for Kid Fury and Crissle while Jade and Keia hosted for Fran, Dustin and Assante. Oh and we have tickets to Kid Fury’s stand up later this year… maybe we should get another hobby.

Do you listen to any podcasts?

Happy Thai New Year!


Happy Thai New Year everyone!! Oh and Easter too! I totally forgot that New Year was upon us so unfortunately I missed the chance to visit the temple and festivities. You have to go early in the morning to get a parking space and if not you have to fight everyone for a spot. This is the first time in a year or two that the weather has been nice enough to go out so I’m really upset that I forgot.

Next year I’m going to mark my calendar so I don’t miss it! I think it’s Cambodian New Year as well so if you’re Thai like me or Cambodian… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Cameras I’m coveting

I know I say this a lot but I’m making it a serious goal to get back into photo. Film photography has really stolen my heart so I’ve been looking for one that can get me back into the swing of these. I fell down the rabbit hole of camera reviews on YouTube and found DigitalRev TV and Kai W. They talk about digital as well as analog but you know which videos I picked. They explain everything in a way that is so easy to digest and they’re editing is beautiful.

I currently own a Minolta Maxxum 500si that has some auto functions like autofocus and the Canon ae-1 that is fully manual. The Canon is like my ol’ reliable and I’ve only used the Minolta a bit but I can’t wait to get more use out of it. One of my favorite cameras to shoot on are disposables for how unpredictable they are but since buying a new one every time I need to shoot isn’t cost effective I wanted a simple point and shoot that could deliver similar shots. That’s when I found the Canon AF35ML.


Isn’t it adorable? I love it for how… shitty it is. I mean that in an endearing way of course. It’s made with awful plastic, has a blinding flash and you have no control over anything except the ISO. Just point, and shoot! They’re fairly cheap, around $50, but they produce images with that dream like quality I want. There is absolutely no way to tell if you successfully got your subject in focus or if it’s properly lit but that’s half the fun. I found it in this video.

I recently discovered that there’s a long, lost Ritz Camera about 20 minutes from my house! A sign on the door said film development begins at $5.99 if you’re a member. For only $10 you get that deal plus 20% off products… you damn right I got that membership. Surprisingly they can only develop color film at the moment but that’s alright with me.

Every time I think about shooting with this I get tingly.

Getting the hang of this self-care thing


I can definitely get used to these staycations. No obligations, no need to go anywhere unless I want to, doing a internet detox (maybe not). I’m back on the 9-5 grind today but yesterday I felt totally at peace. Woke up, cleaned, did a few lessons and studied info for the new job. There are lot of things that can make up a perfect day but here are a few…

waking up to the sun/B’s kisses.
wet puppy kisses.
crisp, fresh air in the morning.
sitting in the sunroom to do work.
finding the perfect movie on tv.
watching the pups sunbathe.
taking a long walk.
pandora playing the best music without me skipping tracks.
the “honey I’m home” moment when B gets home.

The best moment of yesterday was probably surprising B by going to see the new anime movie, Your Name, that we doubted was even playing in the US. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you have to watch the trailer.

We’ve been in the mood to watch a good anime movie lately so this popped up right on time.

What’s a good movie you’ve seen lately?

Anime overload


Now that B and I have Netflix and Hulu, we’ve been watching a lot of tv lately, mainly anime. He’s made me watch 9 seasons straight of Dragon Ball Z which I really enjoyed but tried to get me into Naruto and Bleach which I wasn’t feeling. But here’s what we’re watching and enjoying now.



Food Wars
I fucking love this show. The way anime draws food makes me want to drool every time. It’s about Soma Yukihira going to a prestigious cooking school and how he’s trying to get the top spot on the school counsel. They make delicious food every episode and explain them so I always wondered if anyone has actually tried making anything from the show. A warning though, the show is a bit… X rated. Just watch the first episode and you’ll know what I mean. Once you get past that part the plot is amazing.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
B got me hooked on this a month or so ago, he’s already watched it all but he loved it so much that he doesn’t mind watching it again. The main story is of how the brothers are trying to get their bodies back (no spoilers!). The plot really sucks you in with how the brothers stick together through it all and trying to piece together all of the clues you get. This one is a bit dark and will definitely punch you in the feels a few times.


Seven Deadly Sins:
This one is a Netflix exclusive but I’m sure you can find it somewhere else. It’s a complicated story of Meliodas trying to get his team back of “deadly sins” to fight the Holy Knights. You really fall in love with each character but my favorite is definitely Ban (guy in red). Netflix has the entire first season uploaded buy only FOUR episodes in the second season!! B and I were very pissed so you’re left with a cliffhanger if you decide to go on to season 2.


Hunter X Hunter
I’m sure you’ve heard of this show at least because the anime community went crazy over it awhile ago. It’s fucking amazing though so it’s easy to see why. It’s about Gon who is crazy strong and agile and how he wants to become a Hunter to find his dad. Like Seven Deadly Sins you love each character for their different quirks. I fell off after the second season but I’ll be picking it back up.

So if you need a few shows to waste a weekend with any of these will do the trick. I want to start One Piece and One Punch Man as well but I think I should limit my Netflix/Hulu intake.

What shows have you been watching?