Help me destress

On this gloomy day I’m doing my weekly domestic duties like cleaning and practicing some self care because it has been too long. Last weekend was so eventful and draining so today I shall be doing absolutely nothing important. I won’t force you to read an entire novel of what happened so I’ll just keep it cute and brief with some bullets.

  • B’s dad came to visit
  • We planned to have a day in DC
  • my mom decided to tag along
  • Embarrassing parents
  • Climate change protest
  • Yayoi kusama exhibit
  • Casual flirting turning to outright disrespect
  • Bowling 
  • 4 hours of driving all over MD

My sanity was at stake the entire weekend but B was able to keep me from jumping out of the moving car. There is a small amount of time that I can spend around certain people and that time was severely exceeded. I shall be using today to erase all of that stress. 

If anyone has tips to relax and destress please let me know.

I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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