Mini Moments 01


It’s been two whole weeks since I’ve started my new job. Two weeks of ups and downs. Two weeks of getting to know myself again. So I thought I’d share the little moments that made these two weeks worth while.

waking up without an alarm.
sleeping to the sound of the rain.
becoming more confident at work.
lunch breaks outside.
solo shopping trips.
reading blogs with a puppy in my lap.
comfy beds.
warm soup before bed.
successful twist outs.
warm weather.
long showers.

I have a laundry list of things I need to do but for now I’ll just enjoy these mini moments.

2 thoughts on “Mini Moments 01

    • Payday is the best day of the year lol. These are all stock photos so feel free to grab it! Btw I think you are the only person that reads my blog so I appreciate you ❤ lol

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