Podcasts I listen to

Do you ever wish you had people to talk to you about inspiration, self care, motivation or just gossip? I’m not talking about your friends, I’m talking about being able to listen to people inspire or just make you laugh when you need it without knowing your own mess. Instead of scrolling through celebrity gossip sites or reading every self help book I listen to podcasts. My bes fren got me into them and it honestly feels like a separate group of best friends you hang out with once a week. I’ll be laughing and talking like they can actually hear me (don’t judge).

I currently listen to three podcasts on Soundcloud that either get me through the day or just use for background noise while I do work. There are podcasts for everything so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one about any subject you want but here are the ones I tune into on a weekly basis.


The Read
This was the first podcast I got into and it started with Kid Fury on YouTube ranting about every day New York and any other recklessness he came across in his daily life. He started the podcast with his friend Crissle and every Thursday they honor #blackexcellence, talk about the newest celebrity gossip and “read” someone/thing that pissed them off. If I need a good laugh this is my go-to because their way of describing things are hilarious and there are no fucks given.


The Friend Zone
If you need advice on mental wellness, this is the podcast for you. Fran, or Hey Fran Hey, is most known for her YouTube channel where she is about all things natural and how to live a better life. Along with Assante and Dustin they really make you evaluate your life and dig deep into your feelings so that you come out a better person. Face your demons if you will. The guys are a hot mess so you’re laughing along the way as you ask yourself “What would my ex’s say about me if they were all in a room together?”. Tune into this one every Tuesday.


Gettin’ Grown
Last but definitely not least is Gettin’ Grown. This one is so new that it only began a few weeks ago. I fell in love with Jade and Keia because of how real they are about finding your footing in your adult life, especially as a black woman. Since they’re fairly new their topics are a bit all over the place but I promise that it all comes together in a theme at the end and it is all relevant to today. Topics like being a woman in a male workplace and knowing your worth really resonated with me and it can for you too. They post on Tuesdays as well so you can get a double dose of black excellence on the same day!

The best thing about these podcasts is they are all friends! It began with The Read, they passed the torch to The Friend Zone and so on. Black people uplifting one another. Ri and I are so obsessed with them that we’ve attended 2 live shows of The Read, and one show of The Friend Zone so we’ve seen all of them in person! Assante and Dustin often host for Kid Fury and Crissle while Jade and Keia hosted for Fran, Dustin and Assante. Oh and we have tickets to Kid Fury’s stand up later this year… maybe we should get another hobby.

Do you listen to any podcasts?


I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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