Getting the hang of this self-care thing


I can definitely get used to these staycations. No obligations, no need to go anywhere unless I want to, doing a internet detox (maybe not). I’m back on the 9-5 grind today but yesterday I felt totally at peace. Woke up, cleaned, did a few lessons and studied info for the new job. There are lot of things that can make up a perfect day but here are a few…

waking up to the sun/B’s kisses.
wet puppy kisses.
crisp, fresh air in the morning.
sitting in the sunroom to do work.
finding the perfect movie on tv.
watching the pups sunbathe.
taking a long walk.
pandora playing the best music without me skipping tracks.
the “honey I’m home” moment when B gets home.

The best moment of yesterday was probably surprising B by going to see the new anime movie, Your Name, that we doubted was even playing in the US. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you have to watch the trailer.

We’ve been in the mood to watch a good anime movie lately so this popped up right on time.

What’s a good movie you’ve seen lately?


I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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