Anime overload


Now that B and I have Netflix and Hulu, we’ve been watching a lot of tv lately, mainly anime. He’s made me watch 9 seasons straight of Dragon Ball Z which I really enjoyed but tried to get me into Naruto and Bleach which I wasn’t feeling. But here’s what we’re watching and enjoying now.



Food Wars
I fucking love this show. The way anime draws food makes me want to drool every time. It’s about Soma Yukihira going to a prestigious cooking school and how he’s trying to get the top spot on the school counsel. They make delicious food every episode and explain them so I always wondered if anyone has actually tried making anything from the show. A warning though, the show is a bit… X rated. Just watch the first episode and you’ll know what I mean. Once you get past that part the plot is amazing.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
B got me hooked on this a month or so ago, he’s already watched it all but he loved it so much that he doesn’t mind watching it again. The main story is of how the brothers are trying to get their bodies back (no spoilers!). The plot really sucks you in with how the brothers stick together through it all and trying to piece together all of the clues you get. This one is a bit dark and will definitely punch you in the feels a few times.


Seven Deadly Sins:
This one is a Netflix exclusive but I’m sure you can find it somewhere else. It’s a complicated story of Meliodas trying to get his team back of “deadly sins” to fight the Holy Knights. You really fall in love with each character but my favorite is definitely Ban (guy in red). Netflix has the entire first season uploaded buy only FOUR episodes in the second season!! B and I were very pissed so you’re left with a cliffhanger if you decide to go on to season 2.


Hunter X Hunter
I’m sure you’ve heard of this show at least because the anime community went crazy over it awhile ago. It’s fucking amazing though so it’s easy to see why. It’s about Gon who is crazy strong and agile and how he wants to become a Hunter to find his dad. Like Seven Deadly Sins you love each character for their different quirks. I fell off after the second season but I’ll be picking it back up.

So if you need a few shows to waste a weekend with any of these will do the trick. I want to start One Piece and One Punch Man as well but I think I should limit my Netflix/Hulu intake.

What shows have you been watching?




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