Rumors Retreat Salon & Day Spa


I’ve been kind of a mess lately. My moods have been all over the place, in more of a cranky, bitchy way (thank you PMS). Might have been taking it out on B a bit but he knows that it’s mainly because of that shitty thing females have every fucking month. I had a particularly bad day last week so to finally shut me up and calm me down he said he had a surprise. After a night of nagging him to death about what it was, the next day he gave me a brochure to Rumors Retreat Salon & Day Spa.

He went to check it out the day before and booked me a hour Swedish massage and a hair appointment afterwards. He said to pick any other service(s) I wanted too. Being the frugal bitch that I am I tried to tell him no but he sweet talked me into also wanting a facial. I was freaking out on the inside (and outside).

Working in the spa industry last year made me kinda wary but I was so wrong. It was so nice and inviting and all of the employees were friendly/hilarious.

Since I added on a facial I got that and the massage done by the same person, Jessica. She started with my face first and I knew as soon as she was done that my face felt amazing. She said I had pretty nice skin but a bit of oil buildup in some places (blackheads galore) but nothing too serious. Then she began the massage and I tried my hardest to stay awake so I wouldn’t snore.

Afterwards I sat in Ginger’s chair for my hair appointment. My hair was up in a gross, oily bun and it needed help desperately. I ended up getting it washed and cut. I realllyyy wanted a blow out but it’s been raining for the past 3 days so unless I wanted an afro the moment I walked out I skipped that. I ended up maybe 4 inches shorter with curls framing my face. Ginger was great and the rest of the staff actually baked cookies the whole time… they didn’t share though.

Hour Swedish massage: $75
30 minute facial: $60
Wash and cut: $32

Spent $167 on services plus tip. ALWAYS TIP OK? Loved every moment of my visit and whenever B feels like doing something nice I’ll hint for another massage.

Boyfriends can be so sweet sometimes.


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