Are you still there?

Hey there, is anyone still out there?

I rebooted this blog thinking I’d like to have a Sunday & Wednesday schedule but it started to get a bit too routine and I fell off (obviously). I kept thinking that if I didn’t have a routine posting schedule it wasn’t a “real blog”, while most if not all successful blogs have a regular schedule I don’t have to. I reminded myself that this little space is MY space so why post if I’m not feeling it? For now on I’ll be posting when I’m feeling the urge. Maybe a few times a week, maybe a week off. Either way it’s better.
I’m currently on a bit of a staycation at B’s house as I rejuvenate before starting my new job Monday. I’ve just been cleaning, studying and now taking care of him since we think he’s come down with the flu. I guess I’ve been a housewife but honestly how do they do it? I got cabin fever the first day! There’s only so much time movies and anime can waste.

If you have any tv/movie recommendations for me drop them in a comment!

Talk to you soon (hopefully)-Asia


2 thoughts on “Are you still there?

  1. This place is 100% yours and whilst there can be a precedent set by other bloggers, you are by no means obligated to do it just because they are! Writing when you feel the urge shows the most in posts!

    • Definitely. I even had the urge to schedule posts I really wanted to write about without worrying about a timeline or when would be the “best time”. it’s freeing

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