There’s always a way


I hit a bit of a road block when it came to finding a way to learn about graphic design. I know that there are many designers out there that taught themselves. And with books and Youtube it’s entirely possible. For me, I could do that but I truly love learning from passionate professors and having a structure/deadline for projects keeps me on track. I prefer being in a class setting but I’ve come to understand that because I have student loans and every day expenses that probably isn’t possible. I started looking for online Master’s programs thinking that getting a Master’s is the obvious next step in my education… wrong.

One of my old mentors got in touch with a woman that owned her own sign shop and she first asked me why I wanted a Master’s in the first place. What? Why not? She explained how if I don’t plan to become a teacher (never) or full time artist (nope) then it’ll be a waste of money.

Thank god she told me that.

Ever since then a weight has been lifted because I was so worried about having to take out more loans. I’m already struggling to pay the ones I have now.

A co-worker of mine also does graphic design and gave me a list of websites where I can take online courses then receive a certificate as well as a portfolio at the end AND the most expensive one I saw was for $1200. Totally doable. My GD journey doesn’t seem so bleak anymore.

Now I just need a better job to pay for it… *Lauryn Hill sigh*


3 thoughts on “There’s always a way

  1. It’s really good that you have mentors/colleagues you can rely on for sound advice. Education is important, but so is learning that the straight academic route may not always be the means to the end goal. 🙂

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