A Brutal Winter


For the DMV it’s been a pretty mild winter, not much snow, a few ice patches here and there and it hasn’t been as cold as it could be. Yesterday it was over 70 degrees out which had everyone running outside. I personally hate the cold with my entire being so I loved it, but it doesn’t mean that the winter hasn’t effected me.

The cold and dryness of this season can totally ruin your body inside and out. Lately I’ve realized that my skin has been so dry! If I don’t put on several layers of lotion my skin will feel like it’s going to fall off because of how badly I scratch it. Itchy, dry skin is the worst. It’s my hips, waist, legs and even my face. I typically have really oily skin but the area around my nose has been super dry. The little sliver of skin that’s by the sides of your nostrils has cracked so bad that at night it’ll even hurt. Maybe I need a more heavy duty face moisturizer because I can’t deal anymore.

My hair has been all over the place as well. It was frizzy and lifeless earlier this year so I had to do a long deep conditioning session to bring it back. I was battling with dry scalp and I thought it got better but it’s back. My next step is to try changing my shampoo/conditioner to something with intensive hydration.

Have you been fighting against the dry winter? Let me know how you’ve been keeping hydrated!


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