February Goals 2017

It felt like January dragged on forever didn’t it? But it’s officially February first! Black history month and the month of loooove. It may be the shortest one of the year but it’s still one of my favs. 

Last month I set up some goals so I could try to not have my life in shambles…

~complete FAFSA
~send transcript to MC
~get a damn car wash
~get car maintenanced

I got 3/4 of my goals accomplished! The one I didn’t get to is the most embarrassing… I still haven’t washed my car. I’m so awful at getting that done, I need to clean out all of those old parking receipts, dust the dash and clean the windows.

This month will be about doing what’s important to me.

~research more art magazines 
~call Towson about grad certificate 
~make hotel reservation for trip in august
~start drawing 

When I got off from work I went to the newsstand and found some pretty awesome magazines. Some of the really great ones were $20 and up which is a shame but I’m sure they’re worth it. This month I have so many events like seeing The Read Live, two birthdays and Valentine’s Day. People don’t want me to have money. B and I are flying to Florida a day early so I need to find a hotel for us to stay in, most likely high as hell since it’s in Orlando.

It’s gonna be a fun packed month and despite being permanently broke I know I’ll enjoy it.

What are your plans for this month?


I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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