Marching for our rights

Sorry about the missing post on Wednesday, it’s been a tough week for me.

If you’ve been under a rock this whole time and haven’t looked at the news, you don’t know about the Women’s March that took place yesterday all around the world. 

Ri and I decided to go on a whim and I’m so glad we did. I was a bit nervous because of all of the tension from the inauguration but I’ve never felt so safe and loved in a crowd of over one million people. We followed the crowd through Pennsylvania Avenue to try to get as close as possible to independence avenue but by the time we got there it was too packed. 

We gave up on Indepemdence so we just had a great time reading everyone’s awesome signs. People are so damn creative and most of them had me laughing. My favs were the drawings of uteruses with angry eyebrows or the ovaries as boxing gloves. There were elaborate paintings of Trump and Putin making out or hugging which were perfect. 

We rallied for respect and equality for women but it was also partly an anti Trump rally for obvious reasons. “Grab em by the pussy” was a common slogan for the signs. We had to pass the Trump hotel during the march route so everyone put up middle fingers, booed and chanted “you’re fired”. The national guard and cops were around but it was extremely peaceful, they were just there in case of emergency. 

In all it was amazing to see women, men and children from all walks of life come together to fight for equality. All of the smiling faces, pink knitted pussy hats and love at the match made it seem like America wasn’t as bad as we thought.

Our highlight of the day was seeing John Kerry walk his dog at the march. Ri and I were star struck like oohhhh my god we saw someone famous! We missed Alicia Keys, America Ferreira and grandpa Bernie but at least we knew that they were there with us.

To all women out there, I love you and you matter. #staynasty 


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