What I’m up to


Watching– All of my YouTube stories. Recently learned that one of my fav youtubers is pregnant again! Another one just got engaged too. I’ve just living vicariously through them.

Reading– The Girls by Emma Cline. It’s about how a girl gets sucked into a cult(?) because of her fascination with these carefree girls. I’m waiting for her to meet their leader and for some recklessness to begin.

Listening– Bad & Boujee by Migos. Donald Glover aka baby daddy thanked them for this song in his Golden Globes speech and he was absolutely right. It’s too catchy not to like.

Making– Trying to make sense of my plan for this year and how I’ll pursue my Master’s. Why is an education so hard to get in this country?!

Feeling– Sloppy and groggy. I’m still in my pajamas and I won’t get into productive mode until I look like a valuable person of society.

Planning– How to begin this Master’s journey. I have a meeting Friday to speak with someone about how I should start planning. I think my executive decision might be to take foundation classes at my community college then apply for the MFA with a certificate attached to it.

Loving– Having yet another three day weekend. I know it’s not good for my paycheck but it’s good for my mental health. There’s only so much one person can put up with entitled and privileged customers each day.

What are you up to today?


I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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