Back to the drawing board


A few days ago I sat down and figured out my yearly and monthly goals which included me wanting to go back to school. I was hoping to go to my local community college to get an Associate’s in graphic design buuuuttttt…. it looks like this may not be my best option.

I filled out my FAFSA and saw that I was no longer eligible for the government Pell Grant, it’s obviously because I already received a degree but I was trying to be hopeful. So now that I see that I will be forced to seek out loans or hella scholarships, why settle for an Associate’s if I can just get my Master’s? It takes about 2 years which is the same amount of time for both degrees and of course whatever salary I do receive will be higher.

Then began my Google search of good GD programs in my area and I found a school/program that I thought would best fit me, but then another obstacle decided to punch me in my spirit. When you get a Master’s you can either get a MA or MFA in art programs. At the school I found there’s only an option of a MFA in art studio which includes graphic design. The issue is that MFAs are usually more difficult to get into if you have no experience in the medium you’re trying to study. Which is me (of course). I asked one of my old professors and he confirmed that I should probably have a solid foundation in GD before pursing a MFA.

Luckily for me, the same school is offering a certificate in Interactive Media Design that encompasses GD and web design. It’s open to people that are either in a job that involves that or you already have an art related degree (that’s me). It’s also totally doable online which may be good for me to be able to still work full time without having to go to class.

So my options are…

-apply to the certificate program now
-attend a few classes at my community college to get a foundation THEN apply for the MFA
-teach myself GD then apply to MFA

I kinda need to hurry up and choose because deadlines are coming up for applications and editing the FAFSA so…



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