New Year & January 2017 Goals


I know you all are sick and tired of the whole “New Year, New Me” thing but… NEW YEAR NEW ME! Ever since December hit I’ve been thinking about how this time next year I will be in a better place financially, mentally, creatively etc.

Last year was definitely a rollercoaster as far as my opinion on my job, living situation, money and where I want to be in life. I went from a job I hated to a job that I actually like and I reached a savings goal that made me soo proud… despite me having to spend money instantly which made my savings go down.

My resolution for this year would be to be more creative. I’ve been so creatively stunted since college that I feel like it’s time to go back to doing what made me happy. So let’s get to these goals shall we?

Yearly Goals

~save another $1000
~go back to school
~travel more
~develop a drawing style
~take more pictures
~begin graphic design journey
~put more into this blog

January Goals

~complete FAFSA
~send transcript to MC
~get a damn car wash
~get car maintenanced

I’ve already gotten a head start on my monthly goals because I already completed the FAFSA and sent my transcripts over. Fall is definitely 9 months from now but I can’t wait to start looking at classes again and figuring out my new schedule. I’ll most likely take about 3 classes a semester and group them into certain days so I can keep working. I got an oil change (and some other BS) that ended up costing me $280 but I’m glad that it’s running smoother and I get my new tires installed later this week.

Adulting is going well so far. What are your goals for the year?


3 thoughts on “New Year & January 2017 Goals

    • Yep! I’m kinda hesitant tho because you should have at least a foundation of that medium before pursuing a MFA which I don’t… I have a lot of decisions to make!

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