Getting in the spirit


*Cue music*

Christmas is right around the corner! Two weeks to be exact. If you’re the type of person that plans ahead and already planned/bought your presents this year then I’m so proud of you. Unfortunately for me I’m not that kind of person.

Yesterday I bought presents for the family but I’m still not done. I still need a present for B and presents for his family. BUT WHAT DO I GET THEM?! Last year they all got scarves or a bracelet but I want to do something different this time… someone please give me a small loan of a million dollars.

To get into the spirit I went to Papa Rey’s today and helped put up the tree. We opted for blue and white lights with simple ornaments. Very… minimal? Of course I’m too short to put the star on top which is what dad’s are for. Putting up the tree will always be one of my favorite Christmas traditions, everyone has to get together to help out and argue about which ornament goes where. Now I’m in the mood to bake something.

I’ll be working on Christmas Eve but I’m ok with that *cough* time and a half *cough*. I won’t be at the register either which makes me oh so happy. All of my fellow procrastinators have been running to B&N for their last minute gifts so it’s been HELL. I’m gonna try my hardest not to spend my entire check on books…again.

What are you doing this Christmas?


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