Truly Spoiled


Happy Friday! Sorry about the crickets here, my birthday week has been so amazing that I haven’t had the time to sit down and post until now. And is it already December!? 2016 has been hell in a basket but let’s hope that next year will be better. But don’t we always say that?

I feel like all of my festivities began Tuesday instead of Wednesday. That morning my grandma surprised me with a beautiful gold chain with two pendants. One is a small Buddha and the other is this mesmerizing trinket that has a small image of a monk inside. The pendants ended up being too small to fit on the chain so Mama Thai bought me one to fit. My grandma also gave me her beautiful opal ring, it’s her birthstone but it’s so special to me. In my family/culture, jewelry is extremely important so if it’s not real, it’s practically trash lol. It’s so nice to receive actual family heirlooms.

The lovely Ri got me this stunning off the shoulder top that I love but I’m truly upset that I can’t wear it until next year… B got me UGGs and let me say that I always hated them because they’re so common now but he got me ones that are a cross between their original boots and combat boots which is exactly my style. My friends know me so well. My “I love me” present was a new winter coat from Zumiez, it’s called a snow jacket so it better live up to its name!

We went to the African American History museum on Wednesday and it was so incredible. We were there for over 2 hours yet only got through one floor. It’ll take about 3 visits to get through the entire thing I think. There’s just SO MUCH.

The fun isn’t over though, Ri and I got tickets to the live show of The Friend Zone for tomorrow! Then on Sunday I have a movie date with Papa Rey. This is probably the best birthday I’ve ever had and it’s all because of my friends and family.

Which was your favorite birthday?


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