Ready to get fat


My favorite holiday of the year is tomorrow.

I’m all about family during the holiday season. Being together and getting fat with no remorse. I’ll be spending it with B’s family this year and I can’t wait because his mom can throw down. I wanted to make something but since I’m a noob at cooking I’ll just be making stuffing. Mama Thai will be helping me tomorrow morning so it’ll be fresh for dinner.

I would’ve made it tonight but I knew that Thanksgiving traffic would be hell tonight so I’ll just be patient. Some people like to get dressed up but I shall be in a pair of leggings and a slouchy sweater. Who wants to eat in clothes you don’t want to get dirty? And the sweater will hide my food baby. Let the feast begin!

Where are you going this Thanksgiving?


I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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