My back hurts


Have you ever just felt so excited to be done with something? Whether it’s the last day of school, finishing a paper or leaving a job? Where you just want to throw your papers all over the room or run out? That’s me right now.

My last day of work is tomorrow and let me say that it’s taking a lot of willpower to not shout obscenities, knock things over and run out. I had to take someone’s shift to make up hours so I pulled a double on Monday. It was a pretty decent day but it didn’t stop customers from getting on my last nerve and a therapist from complaining as soon as he walked in. Every time I wanted to throw something I just said this one thing… I’M LEAVING!! I can’t wait to turn in my keys and parking pass to never return. There are only 3 people there I’ll miss and they all have my number. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Yesterday I attended my first day of training at my new job. After the required paperwork and blah we got a tour (it’s three floors of glorious books) and started cashier training. It was a total of 6 hours there but for the last 3 or so we were at the register. The manager gave us a booklet of scenarios we had to learn and tbh it wasn’t too bad. The only problem was that standing in the same place for that long made my back hurt. I need to buy those nurse shoes or something before I spasm.

We met a lot of the other managers/associates and all of them were pretty nice. They would introduce themselves and offer help whenever we had a question. A few of them recognized me from my interview and were like “hey! you got the job! congrats!”. It was also refreshing to see people actually reading on their breaks. I mean it is a bookstore right? But one of the best parts is that they get advanced copies of books for us to take and read so when the book actually comes out we can talk about it. Free books? Fuck yes.

I’m actually excited to work there, the only cons are parking (there is none that you don’t have to pay for) and if you drive during rush hour people are INSANE. I almost crashed several times last night because people don’t know how to use their blinker. It will be a bus or train for me.

Are you starting anything new soon?


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