Feeling free

If I had a room like this I’d never leave. I need my own cocoon…

This has been a week full of ups and downs but it ended on a positive note. I won’t do anymore freaking out about the election but if you wanna hear my thoughts you can here and here. While I was reeling over the outcome I received a call from a potential job and they offered me a position!! I was so happy to finally be able to quit my awful job and get away from all that bad energy. The next day I texted (yup) my boss and gave them a week notice. Two weeks is the standard but I honestly feel like I don’t owe them anything. They even tried to everything they could to get me to stay, even guilt trip me. Let’s just say that I didn’t give even half a fuck. My last day is Thursday but I’ll only have two days of work left because I have training Tuesday. It’s gonna feel so good to walk out FOREVER.

Last night I had a sleepover with my besties, I don’t remember the last time we were able to do that. We’re always either working or just busy, being an adult is too much. We got pho and smoothies for dinner and later watched Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition. I thought I was a bad cook but this show makes me feel ten times better. Someone was having a party and was playing r&b music all night until 5:30 am. I could hear each song word for word… where were the police?

Today I spent a few hours with the person I owe a chunk of my life to. She got my foot in the door to the art world and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to try art school if it weren’t for her. It was her 5 year anniversary of opening her own gallery so I had to go congratulate her. So many memories flooded back and I miss being around art all day… I even got to pop into a local thrift store and found an old Nikon automated film camera, I hope it still works. 

It’s only 8:30 but B is already knocked out so I guess I’ll watch Aladdin on tv until I get tired.

Did you have a good weekend?


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