How could you?


I felt great yesterday knowing that I woke up early to go vote. I bubbled in Hillary’s name believing that I did my part and praying that love was stronger than hate. I was wrong.

I watched the election updates and sat in shock as Trump won state after state. Florida gave the entire country anxiety because of how long it took for the votes to be counted. By about 10 pm last night I realized that when I woke up today Donald Trump, aka the angry cheetoh, would be president.

How could you America? You voted for someone that will be tried for rape and sexual assault. Someone who has attacked every group except white men. He believes that pregnancy is “inconvenient” for business. He can’t help himself around beautiful women so he has to kiss them and “grab them by the pussy”. There are “bad hombres” here that we must get rid of and build a wall to keep them out. Muslims must be in a registry so they can keep an eye on them. How could you elect someone so homophobic, so sexist, so racist!? Make America Great Again?! Make America go back to when women and people of color barely had rights or none at all. Too many people have died and sacrificed for our rights for us to just throw it all away.

As a woman of color I am genuinely terrified. I do not feel safe in this country. I worry about B who works with Trump supporters and now lives surrounded by them. I worry about my family that could possibly harassed by his supporters. I worry about my friends who are Muslim, LGBT, immigrants, and sexual assault survivors that have to now live with the fact that their safety is in jeopardy. All we can do now is support and protect one another against whatever obstacles that are coming.

He is not my president. I will never accept that he is the public face of this country.


3 thoughts on “How could you?

  1. Sickening election. I was so ecstatic to bubble in Hillary’s name and felt it was worth it to stand at the polls and wait to do it. I fear for the same people you do, for myself, for family. We do have to support and protect one another, to stand with each other as we did with her.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) ▲ Lumière & Lens

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