Representation matters

When it comes to media and entertainment, most of the time we’re seeing white people. I’m talking tv shows, movies, commercials… and all that. Now I’ll always love the show Friends and the movie Mean Girls that only showcase white people but what many don’t realize is how representation matters.

As a Black woman, it can be hard to find proper representation in what we see on tv. Shows like Blackish and the classic Girlfriends are so important to our community because they’re shows with a mainly black cast yet doesn’t portray us as our stereotypes. Like the thug/deadbeat guy or ratchet/angry woman we see too many times. Princess Tiana gave so many black girls joy because there was a Disney princess that looked just like them. Marvel has announced that the new Iron Man will actually be a black girl that is extremely intelligent. We need more of this. We need more positive portrayals so that our children can see that we can anything we want to be, just like everyone else.

Another industry I wished showed more black girls was the magazine industry. There are lots of gorgeous black models and natural hair is being slowly embraced but I didn’t know of any publications that focused solely on us. Until now.

I heard of CRWN Magazine when one of my favorite YouTubers Naptural85 was going to be on the cover. I didn’t know exactly what it was about except that it was geared towards black women. The first issue went out and I decided to buy it, pricey of course but it’s they’re first issue so they obviously need to make money. As soon as I read the first article I knew that it was everything I needed.

A way to describe it is unapologetically black. Swear words and all. They talked about hair, relationships, health and just how to be the best you can be. It was so empowering that I couldn’t put it down. It wa so damn… refreshing! Real life issues are addressed without any fear of censoring their blackness. If you’re looking for a magazine without all the glitz and glam of a million ads and fillers then pleaaasseee order CRWN.

Does anyone wanna get me the year subscription for my birthday?


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