November goals 

Excuse the missing post yesterday, B’s new house doesn’t have wifi yet and barely any cell service so I couldn’t blog. The house is beautiful though.

It’s finally November! This month has already blessed me with a interview that went really well and my second round is next week. November is the best month of the year for several reasons, my birthday is one of them but the best part will always be thanksgiving. I’m ready to be fully surrounded by mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, honey baked ham… just everything. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because the day revolves around being lazy as hell with your family. Everyone gets the itis and takes too many to go plates. I’m also ready for black twitter’s #thanksgivingclapback

I also want to make some goals to myself for the month so I can make the most of it

  • Get this job and start really saving
  • Kickstart my self teaching routine for graphic design
  • Learn to make a dish for thanksgiving 
  • Take better care of myself 

It’s 80 degrees today but I’m excited for full blown sweater weather where I can drink tea and cuddle with my puppy on my day off. Oh! I need to get him a haircut too, he’s getting extra furry.

What are you doing for thanksgiving this year?


One thought on “November goals 

  1. These all sound like really productive and positive goals and also doable as well! Good luck and cannot wait to hear about your progress with graphic design and self care as well as what recipe you end up learning!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

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