A little round up

I used to not know which day was my favorite day of the week but now I’m pretty confident that it’s Sunday. I wake up to a cozy bed, sunlight, kisses from B and an attack from Llama. Today I could be productive and do things to better my life but instead I will do nothing but read and watch B play Skyrim. Hell, I’ll probably play too.

This week was pretty good so I’ll just give you guys a little round up.

  • Work didn’t piss me off as much as usual
  • Got a call for a interview next week (!!!!)
  • Picked up The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware and In The Country We Live In by Diane Guerrero from the library
  • Actually made time to go to the gym and run
  • Celebrated Llama turning two on Friday!
  • Said goodbye to Ri and Harry before they went on their adorable baecation to a cabin
  • Finished The Woman In Cabin 10. SO GOOD
  • Celebrated grandma Thai’s birthday by going to a buffet

Pretty decent week. I started Diane Guerrero’s book and love it so far. When I finish I will have completed my book challenge this year of 20 books. Definitely making a goal for next year.

Next week will be pretty hectic as I will be helping B and his family move into their new house. I’ve only seen a picture but it looks beautiful and there’s a lot of room for the puppies to run around. Oh and wish me luck for my interview so I can finally escape my horrid desk job!

How was your week?


I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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