Times have changed


I thought that today I’d talk about something that I feel like majority of my peers are going through. As the new generation, we have to deal with a lot of new obstacles that the older generation did not have to deal with. I’m talking about the issue of moving out on your own.

Back in the day, there was this thought that once you turned 18 you were automatically an “adult” and could afford to move out on your own and begin your life. To me, this is no longer the case. When I turned 18 I had absolutely no way of taking care of myself because let’s be honest… school did nothing to prepare us for that. I still barely know how to write a check and had to learn how to do my taxes by myself. Thank God for Turbo Tax.

There’s also the issue of how expensive it is to live on your own these days. I live right outside of Washington DC so the cost of a one bedroom apartment or even just a studio is usually over $1000. How are we supposed to afford rent, plus utilities, groceries, gas.. etc.?! The minimum wage won’t get you close to being able to afford that. I’d have to move out of Maryland to somewhere south just to find more affordable housing.

My dad told me a story about when he had an apartment once and the rent was only $300. Three. Hundred. Dollars.

The older generation needs to understand that it’s not as easy as it was when they were growing up. I can guarantee that many of us do NOT want to still live at home with our parents, we’re just trying to find the money to move out.

Have you moved out yet? If you did, how?


I'd love to read what you have to say :D

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