Butlers Orchard

Happy Sunday! I had an amazing weekend that began with a trip to Costco and ended with pumpkin carving.

On Saturday Ri, her mom and I made a very necessary trip to Costco. I went looking for these amazingly warm sweatpants Ri has and ended up with a lot more. I ended up buying two pairs of leggings that are such good quality that I can never shop anywhere else. I also got a men’s plaid shirt that is extremely oversized but since I’m all for baggy clothes during the fall/winter it didn’t bother me at all. Ri and I ended up getting the same clothes but we’ll just give each other a heads up when we wear them. I also got this amazing healthy eating cookbook that I’m dying to get into.

We then made a trip to Trader Joe’s where I discovered their spa shampoo/conditioner that I fell in love with. I was going to buy their famous Tea Tree Tingle line but the spa version was color-treated friendly. The conditioner is so moisturizing and easy to detangle with. They also had facial cleansing pads that I’ll try once my original one runs out. Everything there is so cheap but such awesome quality.

Today we went to Butlers Orchard to grab some pumpkins and have some double date fun. The ride there was beautiful with the changing leaves. We got there as soon as it opened to avoid crazy lines and oh Mel Gibson I’m glad we did. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t too crowded. We had to take a hayride to the patch and we were surprised at how many pumpkins were left, we thought that since Halloween is around the corner that it would be slim picking. There were a lot of good ones left and even a few adorable white ones. B and I got two big ones for carving and a small white one for Mama Thai.

We got to run through a small corn maze (that we totally cheated in) and pet the cutest lamb ever. Ri and I pet it for so long. There were pony rides, face painting, a pumpkin canon and apple sling shots that we all wanted to do. In the end Harry and I did the apple sling shots but we skipped the others. By the time we left it was crowded so if you’re planning to go get there early! We couldn’t leave until we had some of their cinnamon donuts though… oh my god they were so good. I wish I was smart like Ri and got four.

We carved our first one already and I’m planning the second one now, I think it’ll be a vampire. Let’s just hope that they last until Halloween.

Did you carve anything this year?


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