Another reckless debate


You don’t have to be in the US to know about the recklessness that is happening in our country right now. Tonight will be the third Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Let me begin with this… I don’t like either of them. Hillary is a damn liar and Trump is the most bigoted and corrupt person that could ever run. But because we have to choose the lesser of two evils I will be voting for Hillary. I really don’t like her but I’ll take her over this waste of a man any day.

I watched the last debate they had and it was mainly just a discussion of what each of them does wrong. I barely heard anything about what they’re actually going to do for the US. Don’t get me started on how they totally avoided answering each question, just to insult each other again.

My favorite part of the last debate was how when Trump was asked about how children are supposed to react to this childish election he immediately talked about ISIS. Now wtf does that have to do with children having to listen to all of this immature name calling? Trump also said that “no one respects women more than he does”. I was waiting for Hillary to roll her eyes out of her head because we all know that’s a lie. After his recent video leaks of him talking about grabbing women “by the pussy”, fat shaming women all over and having rape/sexual assault allegations he should just stop trying to defend himself.

This election has turned into a complete joke. On November 8th I’ll be walking to the voting booth with the blankest face because I am nowhere near invested in either candidate. I don’t even want my “I voted” sticker this time.

Come back Bernie… we need you.


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