Trying to stay optimistic


Have you ever felt like you’ve reached your boiling point with something? Like you just can’t stand it and have to get out as soon as possible? That’s how I feel about my job. I’m a few weeks away from working there for a year and it’s been the most trying year ever. I’ve had other awful jobs but this one takes the cake. There’s so much internal drama between people and honestly the owner just sits by and does nothing. I have been caught up in drama and repeatedly berated by one of the therapists for stupid, petty reasons for him to get absolutely no consequences. When one of us asked why he hasn’t been fired the only response was because he “pays the bills”. I cannot stand by any longer while this guy practically runs the place because of his temper tantrums.

I’m done. The money isn’t even worth it anymore. I decided to apply to other positions that I know won’t pay as much as the job I have now but I only work part-time so if I apply for full-time jobs elsewhere it’ll balance out. I’m applying to places where I actually like the products their selling so I’ll actually enjoy going there. There is always at least one person you don’t like at a job but I refuse to be constantly on my toes at work.

On a brighter note… I’m ready for another relaxing weekend. I’ll be crossing my fingers that I get called into a interview soon. My friends and I plan to go to a pumpkin patch next weekend to see if we can do a group carving. Hopefully it won’t be so close to Halloween that no pumpkins are left!


(not my image)

My best friend got this adorable mug for me as a congrats present no my new internship. If you haven’t discovered mugs by Ten Strawberry Street you NEED it. They have so many adorable sayings on their mugs and they’re oversized. We found them in Marshalls/TJ Maxx so stop by those stores instead of online because they most likely sell them cheaper.

How are you this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Trying to stay optimistic

  1. So sorry to hear that work has gotten so bad, but I think it is so great and strong of you that you are looking for new opportunities. Although we all need to make a living, we should try to do it with something we love and a company full of in-house gossip sounds like a bloody nightmare!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

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