A New Chapter


Happy Humpday everyone! I’m sitting in the library attempting to be productive on my day off. I need to buckle down and put my all into this because of my brand spanking new internship.

Remember that meeting I was talking about? Well it happened yesterday and I am now an official intern for DCLife Magazine! It all happened because I emailed the editor-in-chief back in June just asking for advice about how I can get my foot in the door of the industry and she actually offered to meet me. Better late than never I guess.

We met in this awesome co-op workspace that had a wide open space filled with desks and computers that soo many people were working on. It had beautiful hardwood floors and exposed concrete so my first thought was could I just live in here? The best part was it’s dog friendly so there were dogs walking around us during the meeting. It took a lot of willpower to not reach out and pet one.

The editor-in-chief was this amazing, down to earth #girlboss that was genuinely interested in helping me monetize my work while I help her improve the magazine. I pitched how I could go on assignments for photographs and also help with running their social media. She was so impressed that she didn’t hesitate to offer me the internship. Unfortunately like most other internships it’s not paid but I think I’ll get amazing experience nonetheless.

I can’t wait to get started with everything to put an actual magazine on my resume. I need more work under my belt to finally get out of the dead end job I’m in. My boss actually texted me and the other receptionists saying that the payroll got messed up so I don’t get paid this week… ARE YOU SERIOUS?!


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