When am I going to eat?

How’s everyone on this busy Tuesday?? I had my first Spanish class this morning and it wasn’t too bad, our professor is a grad student which means she can either be a hard ass or easygoing. I’m not sure yet. I was supposed to have my Aging class at 11:30 but right as I was walking out the door I got an email from the professor saying he was sick so¬†no class!!! Whoo!!!

As I practically skipped back to my room I saw another email about my work schedule. I now work Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Yay right? Umm… I guess? I saw how it fit into my schedule and Monday is fine but on the other days I go to class, work, back to class, back to work. Now my question is when do I get to eat?

I have my 8:30 am so I wake up waayyy too early for me to plan breakfast and eat beforehand, then if I just run back and forth I won’t get an eating break until 4? So not good. My stomach will have eaten itself by then. I guess I’ll have to run to the commons to get some takeout and eat it at my desk, if not you’ll never hear from me again because I’ll be dead. My supervisor said the schedule might change again and I really hope it gets tweaked just a tiny bit. I’m already skinny enough!

Is your week already busy??

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