Times have changed


I thought that today I’d talk about something that I feel like majority of my peers are going through. As the new generation, we have to deal with a lot of new obstacles that the older generation did not have to deal with. I’m talking about the issue of moving out on your own.

Back in the day, there was this thought that once you turned 18 you were automatically an “adult” and could afford to move out on your own and begin your life. To me, this is no longer the case. When I turned 18 I had absolutely no way of taking care of myself because let’s be honest… school did nothing to prepare us for that. I still barely know how to write a check and had to learn how to do my taxes by myself. Thank God for Turbo Tax.

There’s also the issue of how expensive it is to live on your own these days. I live right outside of Washington DC so the cost of a one bedroom apartment or even just a studio is usually over $1000. How are we supposed to afford rent, plus utilities, groceries, gas.. etc.?! The minimum wage won’t get you close to being able to afford that. I’d have to move out of Maryland to somewhere south just to find more affordable housing.

My dad told me a story about when he had an apartment once and the rent was only $300. Three. Hundred. Dollars.

The older generation needs to understand that it’s not as easy as it was when they were growing up. I can guarantee that many of us do NOT want to still live at home with our parents, we’re just trying to find the money to move out.

Have you moved out yet? If you did, how?

Butlers Orchard

Happy Sunday! I had an amazing weekend that began with a trip to Costco and ended with pumpkin carving.

On Saturday Ri, her mom and I made a very necessary trip to Costco. I went looking for these amazingly warm sweatpants Ri has and ended up with a lot more. I ended up buying two pairs of leggings that are such good quality that I can never shop anywhere else. I also got a men’s plaid shirt that is extremely oversized but since I’m all for baggy clothes during the fall/winter it didn’t bother me at all. Ri and I ended up getting the same clothes but we’ll just give each other a heads up when we wear them. I also got this amazing healthy eating cookbook that I’m dying to get into.

We then made a trip to Trader Joe’s where I discovered their spa shampoo/conditioner that I fell in love with. I was going to buy their famous Tea Tree Tingle line but the spa version was color-treated friendly. The conditioner is so moisturizing and easy to detangle with. They also had facial cleansing pads that I’ll try once my original one runs out. Everything there is so cheap but such awesome quality.

Today we went to Butlers Orchard to grab some pumpkins and have some double date fun. The ride there was beautiful with the changing leaves. We got there as soon as it opened to avoid crazy lines and oh Mel Gibson I’m glad we did. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t too crowded. We had to take a hayride to the patch and we were surprised at how many pumpkins were left, we thought that since Halloween is around the corner that it would be slim picking. There were a lot of good ones left and even a few adorable white ones. B and I got two big ones for carving and a small white one for Mama Thai.

We got to run through a small corn maze (that we totally cheated in) and pet the cutest lamb ever. Ri and I pet it for so long. There were pony rides, face painting, a pumpkin canon and apple sling shots that we all wanted to do. In the end Harry and I did the apple sling shots but we skipped the others. By the time we left it was crowded so if you’re planning to go get there early! We couldn’t leave until we had some of their cinnamon donuts though… oh my god they were so good. I wish I was smart like Ri and got four.

We carved our first one already and I’m planning the second one now, I think it’ll be a vampire. Let’s just hope that they last until Halloween.

Did you carve anything this year?

Another reckless debate


You don’t have to be in the US to know about the recklessness that is happening in our country right now. Tonight will be the third Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Let me begin with this… I don’t like either of them. Hillary is a damn liar and Trump is the most bigoted and corrupt person that could ever run. But because we have to choose the lesser of two evils I will be voting for Hillary. I really don’t like her but I’ll take her over this waste of a man any day.

I watched the last debate they had and it was mainly just a discussion of what each of them does wrong. I barely heard anything about what they’re actually going to do for the US. Don’t get me started on how they totally avoided answering each question, just to insult each other again.

My favorite part of the last debate was how when Trump was asked about how children are supposed to react to this childish election he immediately talked about ISIS. Now wtf does that have to do with children having to listen to all of this immature name calling? Trump also said that “no one respects women more than he does”. I was waiting for Hillary to roll her eyes out of her head because we all know that’s a lie. After his recent video leaks of him talking about grabbing women “by the pussy”, fat shaming women all over and having rape/sexual assault allegations he should just stop trying to defend himself.

This election has turned into a complete joke. On November 8th I’ll be walking to the voting booth with the blankest face because I am nowhere near invested in either candidate. I don’t even want my “I voted” sticker this time.

Come back Bernie… we need you.

Trying to stay optimistic


Have you ever felt like you’ve reached your boiling point with something? Like you just can’t stand it and have to get out as soon as possible? That’s how I feel about my job. I’m a few weeks away from working there for a year and it’s been the most trying year ever. I’ve had other awful jobs but this one takes the cake. There’s so much internal drama between people and honestly the owner just sits by and does nothing. I have been caught up in drama and repeatedly berated by one of the therapists for stupid, petty reasons for him to get absolutely no consequences. When one of us asked why he hasn’t been fired the only response was because he “pays the bills”. I cannot stand by any longer while this guy practically runs the place because of his temper tantrums.

I’m done. The money isn’t even worth it anymore. I decided to apply to other positions that I know won’t pay as much as the job I have now but I only work part-time so if I apply for full-time jobs elsewhere it’ll balance out. I’m applying to places where I actually like the products their selling so I’ll actually enjoy going there. There is always at least one person you don’t like at a job but I refuse to be constantly on my toes at work.

On a brighter note… I’m ready for another relaxing weekend. I’ll be crossing my fingers that I get called into a interview soon. My friends and I plan to go to a pumpkin patch next weekend to see if we can do a group carving. Hopefully it won’t be so close to Halloween that no pumpkins are left!


(not my image)

My best friend got this adorable mug for me as a congrats present no my new internship. If you haven’t discovered mugs by Ten Strawberry Street you NEED it. They have so many adorable sayings on their mugs and they’re oversized. We found them in Marshalls/TJ Maxx so stop by those stores instead of online because they most likely sell them cheaper.

How are you this weekend?

A New Chapter


Happy Humpday everyone! I’m sitting in the library attempting to be productive on my day off. I need to buckle down and put my all into this because of my brand spanking new internship.

Remember that meeting I was talking about? Well it happened yesterday and I am now an official intern for DCLife Magazine! It all happened because I emailed the editor-in-chief back in June just asking for advice about how I can get my foot in the door of the industry and she actually offered to meet me. Better late than never I guess.

We met in this awesome co-op workspace that had a wide open space filled with desks and computers that soo many people were working on. It had beautiful hardwood floors and exposed concrete so my first thought was could I just live in here? The best part was it’s dog friendly so there were dogs walking around us during the meeting. It took a lot of willpower to not reach out and pet one.

The editor-in-chief was this amazing, down to earth #girlboss that was genuinely interested in helping me monetize my work while I help her improve the magazine. I pitched how I could go on assignments for photographs and also help with running their social media. She was so impressed that she didn’t hesitate to offer me the internship. Unfortunately like most other internships it’s not paid but I think I’ll get amazing experience nonetheless.

I can’t wait to get started with everything to put an actual magazine on my resume. I need more work under my belt to finally get out of the dead end job I’m in. My boss actually texted me and the other receptionists saying that the payroll got messed up so I don’t get paid this week… ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

A Weekend for relaxation

After a long week of a hockey game, work and drinks with friends I couldn’t wait to relax this weekend. I have a tendency to burn myself out from never sitting down so I planned ahead this time.

My best friend and I made a trip to Ulta to buy a bath bomb and take advantage of Shea Moisture’s bogo sale. I got a deep conditioning hair mask and some bubble bath/body wash. I wasn’t sure how the bath bomb would work since Lush obviously reigns over all bath bombs but it smelled amazing. I bought the sandalwood bomb.

I got to B’s house last night and began making dinner for us. I’m not a cook really and I made mashed potatoes for the first time but everything turned out amazing. We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cornbread. B wanted to make rice too but added too much water so it turned out mushy. This is why I use rice cookers.

After dinner I washed my hair, put in the deep conditioner and started my bath. B even lit a candle for me. I used my Garnier charcoal face mask during the bath too for some added pampering. The bath bomb fizzed immediately and smelled sooo good. No crazy colors but the water did turn a light green. In the end my skin felt so soft and I smelled amazing, I definitely recommend these if you don’t want to pay a lot for Lush.

Today B and I will either hang with family or just curl up and watch scary movies, either way I don’t want to do anything big.

How’s your weekend going?

A Shameless Day

Today is the day. Today is the day that I meet with someone that could change my life. Ever since graduating I’ve struggled to find a job in a company I actually want to work for. I’ve been researching and applying but no one seemed to answer. I emailed the person I’m meeting today in June and she just answered last week. Better late than never right?

I researched the company and found a bunch of things that I could help improve and I’m hoping that she’ll ask for help and offer me a position. This meeting isn’t exactly a job interview but if I do everything right it’ll turn into one!

I don’t want to jinx it so I’ll keep everything a secret for now but if something good comes from the meeting then I’ll definitely be sharing.

Today I will Shameless!

edit: My meeting got rescheduled😦. I’m disappointed but now I have even more time to develop my online portfolio and prepare.