Too many cliches


It’s a gloomy and cold Monday but instead of dreading today I’m sitting in the library feeling grateful. It’s funny how things can turn around so quickly for the better. In my last post I gave you a few cliches so I’m sorry to add another one – everything happens for a reason.

I put in my two weeks at my last job and things were fine until my boss passive aggressively cut my last week short. I won’t lie, I was bitter about it but it actually gave me today off and I was already working at my new job on Tuesdays. Not much of a hiccup in my life. Working at the salon also gave me a ton of ideas of how to do my hair. My hairstyles have been pretty boring my whole life but I was reintroduced to the land of flexi rods, perm rods and twist outs so get ready.

This past weekend I had a mini breakdown because all of my loan servicers were knocking at my door and I thought I was $60,000 in the hole. After visiting my dad and stepmom we figured out that I’m only $30,000 in debt! 50% of my headache was already gone. I’m in the process of consolidating my loans and signing up for income-based repayment so my payments could be as little as $0 a month! The amount of relief I’m feeling is immeasurable. It feels like I can still live and even save to move out.

So on this rainy Monday I woke up, cleaned, showered and decided to have a me day. I’m so grateful for my friends, family and B for always being there when I need them. Things always seem to magically work out for me, I don’t owe it to luck though. I believe it’s because I’ve always worked hard for what I have and this is just the universe’s way of saying good job.

What has the universe done for you lately?

You have to let something go to get something


While I was in retail Hell, I applied to so many jobs that I lost count. I applied for career jobs and regular ones just to make ends meet. Thankfully I found one really close to my house that allowed me to slowly get acclimated back to the receptionist life while also doing social media which I love.

During my job search a close friend of mine recommended me to her old boss because she was moving on to a better job. At the time the position had already been filled but her boss said she’d keep me updated if anything opened. And it did.

The new job gives me better pay and better hours for when I decide to go to grad school. I really lucked out and I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve gotten so far.

I feel bad for leaving my current job after only a month of working there but I offered to continue building her social media because why not? Thankfully they took it very well.

My parents were all inspirational and said “you have to let something go to get something” and “if you ask the universe for something, you’ll get it”.

I guess I asked a lot.

H A L L O W E E N!

The day has come!! I saw a mailman as Captain America and it was only 10 am. I love seeing adults get in on the fun. I’m at work and it’s pretty busy so my festivities are on hold until 6 pm. I’ll be dressing up in my Harley Quinn costume and hopefully taking my friend’s nephews trick-or-treating. Halloweens where I am are usually extremely cold but today feels like we may get a break this year. Call me an old lady but I actually love the feeling of giving kids candy when they knock.

I found some pretty fucking awesome costumes and make up looks that I could only dream of doing.

Now that’s a Harley Quinn.

Who are you dressing up as this year? B ended up dressing as Robin (L A M E) but it was hilarious with the huge abs and pecs they gave him. Very unnecessary! I hope everyone has a fun and SAFE halloween this year, be careful of the crazies. Scariest thing that happened to me so far today?


Tea Binge


I’ve been drinking pretty much nothing but tea since Sunday night. No, this is not a detox for weight loss. Ever since Sunday I’ve had an awful head cold that feels like if I look somewhere too fast my head will roll off. My throat is also sore so swallowing has felt like running a marathon. My only solace is drinking tea which is where the binge began.

Green tea has been my go-to but B took care of me for a few days so I drank herbal teas that tasted like death if I forgot to add honey. B was so adorable every time he’d ask if I needed more tea and would come in the room with a raggedy oven mitt on.

Luckily for me my job was so slow the past few days that I didn’t have to go in so I had about three days of tea and rest. I’m back at work and feeling better but there’s a nagging headache in the back of my head just waiting to explode.

My furry son before his haircut. Now he looks like a llama

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On a lighter note, my little Llama (aka Sebastian) turned a full year old on Tuesday!! I love him with all my heart. He’s a dachshund (hot dog) and Bichon mix so obviously we dressed him up as a hot dog for Halloween. He’s B’s dog but he loves me enough to lay on my face and wake me up every morning to show that he cares.

This weekend is officially Halloween! I have to work during the day but going to a friend’s for costumes and candy. The National Aquarium is supposed to be having a “Pay what you want” day Sunday so my frugal self has no problem dishing out about $5 to see the sharks and dolphins.

What are you doing this weekend?

Halloween Costume Search

Halloween is next week. October went by way too quick and now B and I are frantically searching for a costume for a party TOMORROW. We were invited to a party that we thought was actually on Halloween but no. TOMORROW. This will be my first time going to a costume party and also going with a boyfriend so being the girl that I am I wanted them to sorta go together. The theme? Superheroes and Villains.

I’m a super Batman fan so my first thought was Catwoman but that is so overdone and I’m over buying ears. We decided to be Joker and Harley quinn.

If you don’t know, they’re love story is pretty cute (and crazy). Joker acts like he is constantly bothered by Harley but in the end we all know that she means a lot to him. The hard part is pulling this off.

I went to Spirit Halloween to look for them and I found a couple but the costumes aren’t made of real fabric of course so it fit terribly. I had to go for buying a jester-esque leotard and trying to find black pants to go with it along with accessories. Not total Harley but close enough, she’s gonna have to be a mix of classic Harley and the new one from Suicide Squad.


More badass which is right up my alley. My hair will be in ponytails and I might straighten my hair… maybe.  The leotard is classic “all girl costumes are slutty” fashion so I’m trying to see if B has a leather jacket for me to throw over my shoulders. Maybe I can find a baseball bat somewhere too.

I’m not sure how B will pull off Joker because I know that costume won’t be real fabric and not everyone has a purple suit just lying around. Hopefully we’ll find something good enough or he may have to switch.

Have any ideas?

Getting my life together


Well hello everyone. It has been a full 7 months since I’ve written on this blog which is awful. It was March so finals and graduation snuck up on me so much that the blog was forgotten. A lot has changed since I walked in the spring, for the better mostly.

-Interned as the social media coordinator and photojournalist for a magazine
-Went back to retail Hell
-Interned for a political campaign
-Got a new ‘full-time’ job
-Became a contributing writer for Saint Heron

I went a lot of places and did a lot of things this past summer that were amazing and hopefully I can dig up a couple pictures to share with you. Since grad I developed a love for being a brand ambassador and my career goals have shifted too. My love for photo hasn’t changed, it just evolved. I’m in the process of rebranding myself so getting this blog together is step 1.

I’m not sure about what schedule I’ll be posting on so play it by ear with me. I’m a struggling post-grad so cut me some slack.

give up

Food for the Eyes 006: SamAlive

It’s been almost a full month since I’ve posted here! With school winding down to my days of adulthood (scream hysterically) I’ve wanted my whole focus to be on getting out! I was contemplating not posting until graduation but that’s not until the end of May! And then I saw this person’s photography and I couldn’t resist sharing.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.41.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.42.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.42.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.42.32 PM

I absolutely adore the feel of these and the homey feel of the setting. All of the portraits on her flickr are amazing so if you’re in love with these as much as I am go look!