First real shoot with strobes

Oh hey! Today I had critique in my studio photography class. I think everyone’s project came out great which is nice because we all had great things to say about everyone’s work. Positive things and constructive criticism. Our professor was mainly focused on how well we lit our subjects instead of the poses or subjects. Before the critique I showed my models their images and they loved them! I hope you do too :)

 _4044144 _4044231 _4044317 _4044349

We had to reveal something about our subjects. My first model is from Ghana so I asked her to wear her traditional clothing, I loved how they brought a pop of color to the image. My second model is obsessed with cheetah print so I had to have her pose with it. The class was amazed that the cloth she was using as a shawl was actually a snuggie.

Not bad for a first try right?

How could you Redken?

Ever since my freshman year of college I’ve been trying to take better care of my hair. I’ve gone through multiple brands of shampoo/conditioners and mousses just so my hair is manageable and healthy. Right before I left home for my first semester I hit a goldmine.

This product is like hair MAGIC. Every morning I wet my hair and ran a small portion of it through and let it air dry. It came out absolutely flawless, my ringlets were perfect spirals and there was no frizz in sight. I let it grow out and even if I tossed it every which way and slept on it, it was still picture perfect. Now the heartbreaking part… it was discontinued.

One day I just noticed that I couldn’t find it anymore. They still had curly hair products but not this exact product. I’ve tried a couple things from their line but it was never the same. My best friend would send me Redken discounts all the time but I knew that if they didn’t have this I don’t want anything.

Apparently they changed their formula and from the reviews I read… it’s horrible. We’re all so mad that they would change such a consistent and reliable formula. People want it so bad that it’s selling on Amazon and ebay for $70!!! I feel so betrayed.

Redken… how could you?

Vincent Cianni

For my documentary class we had to present about a photographer. We ended up picking it out of a bag so it would be random, my partner and I got Vincent Cianni. I love his documentary work, he did series on Gays in the Military, HIV/AIDS, Berlin when the wall was being dismantled and a group of teens in New York during the 90s.

The only thing that didn’t go so well was we guessed that he is very private with him personal life so we weren’t able to find any information about him besides where he went to school. Like not even his birthday. Despite the lack of info we were able to show his books and talk about the other series. Here are some of my favorites.

Gays in the Military


We Skate Hardcore


I think he’s a wonderful documentary photographer that really captured the struggles of whatever was going on at the time. He now teaches at Parsons in NY.

For more of his images you can see his website here.

Studio Portraiture

In light of my photo shoot tomorrow I wanted to show you some images I found on pinterest that gave me some inspiration. I’m horrible at studio lighting so I’m hoping mine come out at least half as beautiful as these.

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of dramatic lighting. To me it gives it that oomph that makes it stunning.

Follow my portraiture pinterest board for more inspo :D

Homecoming 2014

To be honest, Homecoming at my school is pretty lame. For the most part there are little flags and balloons but I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of school spirit. I think it’s because there’s no football team meaning no big game, I think they should wait until the spring since we have a basketball team but oh well.

My school realized this so this year they had a mini carnival. Unfortunately it was on a pretty gloomy day but enough people went for it to be not a waste. There were actual rides meaning I was there. I went with my roommate and her boyfriend so it would look like I had friends lol.

DSC_0034 DSC_0036 DSC_0038 DSC_0047 DSC_0056 DSC_0077 DSC_0095 DSC_0127 DSC_0144 DSC_0157

That bungee thing was crazy. It taught us to never skip leg day.

Alternative Processes

Printing pictures on photo paper isn’t the only way to print. There are countless ways to print on different surfaces or using different chemicals. In my class we are learning how to print using different chemicals that are sensitive to UV light. As easy as putting it out in the sun to expose.

Of course you’ll need a huge negative so we blew them up on transparencies to the size we wanted. The chemicals and exposure times can be testy but once you get it right the prints can look so amazing in the end. Here are the processes we’ve learned so far…


Van Dyke

Salt Printing

Gum Prints

From the images you can see that cyanotypes come out cyan (duh), Van Dyke and salt prints come out brown, and you are able to use multiple colors in gum printing. Our next project is to create a book using one of these processes and I think I’ll give gum printing a try. Watercolor paper has always been one of my favorites so today I bought two packs of it to last me for awhile.

Which look is your favorite?


Last winter was great for me as far as boots, I had some combats, ankle boots and calf high ones that are still here somehow. The only thing I’m missing is black ankle boots. I saw some in TJ Maxx for $35 but I didn’t have the money. Anyone wanna loan me some? To spark some inspiration you know I had to go to pinterest.

Boots give me so much life. Just slip them on and go! The most hassle is maybe zipping something. My friend recently got me some boot socks so when I wear my tall ones I can still be warm and snug.

What are your favorite kinds of boots for the fall?