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Good morning lovely ladies (and gentlemen?). Just wanted to pop in and say hello and tell what I’m up to. This morning I have to somehow avoid my dad all day and get to my grandparents house. More info tomorrow because I’m paranoid that his all knowing eyes can see this post.

listening… How many drinks? – Miguel
nothing but I’m craving something reeaaalllyy good
 water water water!
a Gold’s Gym t-shirt and the comfiest lounge pants I’ve ever warn from Target
excited about what’s happening later today
H O T. Summer isn’t gone just yet.
my 50 free prints from shutterfly to come in!!
my art classes to stop asking for more supplies.
I miss the fiance :(
my new apartment!! My living situation this year should be a lot smoother than last year

Wish me luck that the event today goes as planned. If it does there will be lots of hugs and smiles! Love you dad!

The beach through a disposable (part 2)

If you missed part one get off this post and go look!

Ready for the beach?

002_2 005_5 007_7 010_10 013_13 014_14 020_20 029_29

The last picture is of a portable darkroom. On. The. Beach. I’d be too afraid of the sand getting everywhere, I wish I could’ve seen who brought it.

We were all attacked by seaweed which felt so gross. It felt like a million jellyfish wrapping themselves around our legs. A lifeguard even tried to save one of us because we freaked out so much lol. I miss those crazy Marines I really do.

photography friday


The beach through a disposable

I know that it seems like I totally abandoned my disposable project as the summer progressed but I promise I didn’t. I took cameras to SoCal and got some amazing shots while at the beach. I only just got to develop them because I was working and I didn’t have time. When I got the CDs back I almost cried at how amazing they were. I truly love how disposables come out and I really hope people begin to use them again.

003_3 009_9

This lady and her daughter were playing some paddle game and invited E and I to play. We’re terrible lol.

014_14 015_15 023_23 026_26

To prevent an overload of the awesomeness I’ll share more later :). E and I went with two other Marines to PB then we walked to Mission beach cause they’re connected (duh). Oh and that cooler? Filled with beer until they got caught by some lifeguards and had to take it back to the car. Losers lol.

What beach did you go to recently?

Let the semester begin!!!

I’m so excited!! I’m moving into my new dorm today! I already know two of my roommates but I’ve talked to our fourth roommate recently and she seems great. I’m pretty optimistic that I won’t have to worry about the whole roommate situation much this year. We all coordinated what to bring so we shouldn’t have much overlap. I have the worst luck so we’re stuck on the 3rd floor which means we have to lug our stuff up this narrow stairway but it’ll work.

Classes don’t start until Wednesday so I still need to care of a few things before I can just relax and wait for class. These weekly wishes are about to become so important now to keep me up to date on all my assignments. But before I get ahead of myself I had wishes to look at from last week.

Last week’s wishes
-Finish editing images: 
Done! She loved them
-Call about move in date:
 I tried to move in earlier but you would have to pay a fine and blah blah blah so I’ll just move in today.
-Finish walmart shopping: I finished yesterday!
-Plan going away feast: We were all low on funds because of books and all that so we ended up going to a hookah bar and reminiscing. It was a great time and We’re definitely going back.

This week’s wishes
-Finish loan requirements: I have to go sign something for my school to disburse my loans so as soon as I’m done settling in I’m off to the admin building
-Organize planner: I like to map out when tests/papers are due so there are no surprises
-Organize folders: I reuse notebooks each semester instead of wasting moolah

It’s my very last year of school (hopefully) so I’m anxious to get started! After this year… NO MORE SCHOOL!!!


Image source

The Lovely Nadia

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the official last full day I will be at my mom’s before I go to my dad’s before school! I finished packing already and now I just need to get some last minute stuff done. During this hectic week I managed to finish editing a shoot I did for a wonderful friend. She needed some portraits done for her blog and an article her school is writing about her. She is extremely talented and it’s amazing to hear her talk about art.

She decided on a gallery across from the convention center in DC and I love it. Exposed brick is my weakness.

Nadia-11 Nadia-14 Nadia-19 Nadia-28 Nadia-31 Nadia-33

Nadia was so fun to work with! She was nervous being in front of the camera at first but she relaxed tremendously after letting her mind go and talking about the pieces. You can see how industrial the space was in the last image. Sooo many photo ideas ran through my mind as I walked in.

It’s easy to see that the black and white images are my favorite…

What have you shot lately?

photography friday

Saint Tropez/La Garde Freinet/Grasse,France and San Remo, Italy

Oh hey!

Today I wanted to share some photos my best friend took while on her adventure to France and Italy! My jealousy level overflowed and next time she has to stow me in her suitcase. But enough talk. Time for pictures!

100_0955 100_0961 100_0989 100_0994 100_1010 100_1014 100_1056 100_1062 100_1075 100_1093

I need to go to Europe. Like now.

One more week! | Weekly Wishes

Last week was filled with so many good things! For starters… I got my license!!! Thank you to everyone that wished me good luck! I almost failed by one point but who cares? I passed lol. Now I just want to drive everywhere but I still don’t have my car. *insert sobbing here*

Another great thing that happened was I had an amazing photo shoot for a friend. We went to this gorgeous gallery across from the Convention Center. The inside is really industrial with exposed brick and wiring. Even if the art wasn’t there I’d love it just because of the space. But let’s get back to the reason you’re really here for. Weekly wishes!

Last week’s wishes
-Prepare for portrait shoot:
 Done and it went so well!
-Enjoy last shoot for internship: It was short and sweet but it was still good nonetheless
-Call about entrance counseling: I still have a chance to complete it before I’m faced with a late fee so all is well
-Make walmart lists: My mom and I spent way too much money but half of it is done!

This week’s wishes
-Finish editing images: Since my last day of work is tomorrow I can focus on editing
-Call about move in date: They want to move me in on a Monday but people have to work Mondays so we need to fix this
-Finish walmart shopping: Now I need toiletries so back to walmart for me
-Plan going away feast: My friends and I always plan something before we split up for the school year. We’re thinking a cookout

The most important thing I need to do this week is PACK!! My brain hasn’t wrapped around that yet but I need to get moving before I end up having to rush.

College is so stressful