Thai New Year | Photo Friday

Hellooooo there! This week went by extra fast and I’m not complaining. With the semester coming to a close my studio classes keep piling them on. In one of them I’ll have two projects due at the same time. Better get shooting. But who’s ready for some Photo Friday?

As you know I went to the temple last Sunday for Thai New Year. It was absolutely beautiful. I guess the main theme of everything is gold. Asians love their gold. I went with my mom and grandma where we were blessed by a monk, prayed in the temple, bought good food and jewelry! It’s the one day of the year that I just feel spiritually at peace. As time goes on I feel like I want to be more known as a Buddhist than Christian. There’s just a bad stigma about Christian’s sometimes that I really hate.

Anyways… I had a blast shooting the event and I hope you like them!


Aren’t they pretty! I need one of those ear cuffs.

DSC_0046 DSC_0057

That’s Mama Thai!!


This is where you pray and stick a piece of gold onto the statue where you want to be blessed

DSC_0072 DSC_0075

That’s Grandma Thai! She’s praying and pouring holy water on the statue

DSC_0081 DSC_0091

I think these were fried bananas



DSC_0148 DSC_0162 DSC_0166 DSC_0169 DSC_0180 DSC_0181 DSC_0182 DSC_0187 DSC_0191 DSC_0196 DSC_0212 DSC_0214 DSC_0217

This is where you can be blessed by the monk and he gives u a bracelet.

I’m so sorry for the overload of pictures but I just couldn’t choose! I still have waaay more but I’ll save those for another day. Enjoy your weekend!

photography friday

Let’s get started!

Good morning everyone :). I think Maryland is broken. Last weekend we had gorgeous weather but yesterday it rained. Yes I know “April showers bring May flowers” and that’s fine until it decided to snow. When does it snow in April?! It was like sleet that made me want to crawl into a hole because now I think that winter will never end. Thankfully it didn’t stick but I can’t take anymore snow.

Today I wanted to show you what I’m going to do for my next digital alternatives project that’s due Friday. The main focus of it was to print on something other than paper and make it sculptural. Things he showed us were wood, plexiglass, fabric… etc. I decided to be extra fancy complicated and print on an umbrella. But not just any umbrella.

A bubble umbrella!! I’m going to print in color so it’ll show through it and the colors will pop more. I wanted a white one at first but a) I couldn’t find one b) this one looks cooler. When I got it I had to clean off all the yucky powder they put on it so the plastic doesn’t stick together, it’s all clean and transparent now :D.

I didn’t want to use boring old square images so I opted for circular ones, I think it goes better with the “bubble”. So how do they look?

Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 Untitled-7 Untitled-8 Untitled-9I’m using pictures I took at Thai New Year for the theme. Don’t worry, I took tons more and I’ll share them with you for this week’s Photo Friday. Do you think it’ll come out nice? I’ll need to spray it with some weird stuff so that it won’t come off and maybe I’ll actually be able to use it in the rain. Cross your fingers!

What are you doing this week?

Double Exposure Inspo | Photo Friday

Hello beautiful people. Before I get into this week’s Photo Friday I’d like to say thank you for all of the positive and encouraging words I’ve gotten from my past posts about not knowing where to begin with my future and feeling unmotivated. They really helped me and I really appreciate how there are people out there that actually care about lil ol me.

double expo

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about double exposure shots. There’s a dreamlike quality to them that’s beautiful. I love how the colors blend together and piecing together each image. I’ve tried it myself but in the darkroom instead of in camera. It’s really hard to judge how much to unwind the film in order to get back to the last frame. This is what I got when I unwinded it wrong but in the end I loved it.

Illusions, Split

This might be one of my favorite shots. It’s the little mistakes that make the best images! Here are the rest from that mini series of me sandwiching negatives in the darkroom.

Illusions, Distortion Illusions, The Right Shot Illusions, Tranquility

Let me tell you… sandwiching negatives is HARD. It took a lot of reshifting and exposure trials to get it right and they’re still off. Props to people that can get it perfect in the darkroom. But enough about me, here are some double exposure shots I found from tumblr that are stunning.

Beautiful right? I hope to one day be as good as these photographers. In the meantime I’ll just keep practicing ;)

So tell me… have you done double exposure?

photography friday

Linking up with Jessica. Images found on tumblr.

What am I doing wrong?


One of the worst things anyone can do is compare yourself to others. There will always be someone that is better than you at something and that’s ok. Everyone learns differently and gains success at a different pace. But there are some days that you just wonder what am I doing wrong? Differently? Why do I not have that yet?

When it comes to photography I feel like I haven’t done anything worth mentioning. I’m almost done with my third year in college and I just feel stuck. I’ve been unmotivated and I have no idea how my future will look. I know that there’s no way I’ll have everything figured out but I want at least something figured out.

I see my other friends and it just seems like they’re doing so much while I’m just… here. One friend has absolutely everything that I want for myself right now and I find myself constantly imagining myself in his shoes. The jealousy is so strong lol. I know that not everything will just come to you and I’ve been trying. Finding good internships are so hard nowadays. Now it’s like you sacrifice money or experience. I’ve never found a paid photo internship. Coming from a family with barely any money I need a job in order to survive the summer. But I really want to grow as a photographer and the best way for me to do that is with an internship.

I think I found one but here’s the catch: there will be no shooting. All computer stuff like editing, talking to clients etc. While I’m really disappointed about that it’s better than nothing. I’m tired of interning in galleries, I love it but it’s not what I want to in life. I just feel like I’m falling behind.

I hope this summer will bring new and amazing opportunities. I’m ready to do something. 

Sorry for the downbeat mood lately, I’m just hoping to straighten out my thoughts and maybe reach out to others about what to do.

Daydreams of us

daydreams of us

Lately I’ve been daydreaming a lot. I think it’s because I’ve just shot a military wedding but I can’t wait to finally live with my marine.

One day I’ll finally be with him. No more visits. No more leaving. I can wake up every morning knowing that he’s not going anywhere. I don’t have to remember what time my flight is to take me back to Maryland. No more rushing to do things because “we only have a certain amount of days”. I can wake up to my Marine and be at ease knowing that this is how it’s supposed to be.

It’s the early morning.
Sunlight pouring through the curtains making light trails.
Dust dancing through the room.
I look over to see him sleeping peacefully, laying on his back so that I could lay on his chest.
These are my favorite moments.
I see all of the things I love about him.
How smooth his skin is and how it rolls over his muscles.
The tattoo on his chest and shoulder.
The strong jaw that I love to kiss because it’s the closest thing to kiss when we’re standing.
How his collarbones make a deep indent that I always admire.
His eyes.
I’ll always be jealous of how long and luscious his eyelashes are in contrast to my own.
The corner of his eyes where his nose is.
That’s my absolute favorite place to kiss because it makes him smile.
The lips that I crave every moment of the day.
I can’t take it anymore and I kiss him awake.
All over his face, he can’t escape my attack.
A huge smile comes over his face and my one true love appears.
Those crows feet near his eyes when he smiles.
My attack goes straight to those crows feet and I hold him down so he can’t escape even though he doesn’t want to.
I smile at him and say good morning.
He grabs me in those arms and holds me.
Kisses my hair.
Says I love you.
I say I love him too but he’ll never imagine how much it really is.

One day I’ll be with you. And nothing can make me leave.

Preparing for Fall Semester | Weekly Wishes

holi festival

I think Spring is officially here! The temperatures are rising and it keeps on raining. I usually don’t like the rain but if it brings the cherry blossoms and flowers out I think I can cut it some slack. This week’s image looks extra colorful today, why? The Holi Festival!! If you’re not aware it’s based off of the Indian festival where you throw around packets of colored powder. If you don’t think it sounds fun you just can see from the image that there is no way you can’t have fun.

Last week’s wishes

-PREPARE FOR WEDDING!!: done! It was absolutely beautiful
-talk with language department: done! A teacher said after I get documentation of me passing I can get an override.
-keep up with work projects: I bought a clear umbrella for my alternatives project, now I just need to start printing!
-find more photo studios: One studio would like for me to intern but it wouldn’t involve shooting, just editing and other things like that. Should I?

This week’s wishes

-REGISTER FOR CLASSES! This time of year is always stressful for me because I’m always afraid that I won’t get into the classes I want
-Ace art history test: I’ve been doing well on them so far and I want to keep this streak going
-Apartment selection: My roommate group is now done so all we have to do now is choose what building/room we want! We need to research or go look around
-Find a way to get to the Holi Festival!!: Now do you see why I chose the picture?? A school near me is having their own festival. I want to go! I registered and everything so I’m planning to wrap my camera in saran wrap (don’t judge) and have fun! I planned to go with a friend but she might have to work so I gotta have a plan B.

really hope I can make it to the festival, it’ll be a great way to end a weekend full of planning for the Fall semester. And I don’t think pictures could ever look bad at this kind of event. Hope you all have a great week!

Have you ever gone to a Holi Festival or Color Run?


Linking up with the ever so lovely Melyssa for Weekly Wishes

Less than motivated

Warning: This will be a post with rambling.

Lately I’ve been feeling really unmotivated when it comes to photography. Not that it doesn’t make me happy or I’m doubting myself, I just feel like I’m having writer’s artist’s block. I just can’t get myself to think of something I want to shoot. It’s all of my creativity is on E. Maybe it’s the cold. Usually when it’s really cold I don’t like going outside and I love shooting outdoors. This winter has been the ultimate bitch so my drive to go outside to do anything isn’t there.

I’m nearing my last year of college (fingers crossed) and I feel like I haven’t done enough. I’m looking all over the place for internships and ways to gain more experience but it’s like no one wants an intern. With art the only way for you to get better is to practice and I’m just not getting it…

Another obstacle I feel I have is that I don’t really have friends that are willing to be my models. I could practice with selfies but I hate my face too lol. I’d love to plan shoots with outfits, make up the whole shebang but if you can’t even get a model it’s hard. I think I know a few people that would love to help with make up but in all it just seems like no one here likes to collaborate. This school just isn’t “family oriented”. Everyone goes to class and comes home.

I shot the wedding last Friday and it was beautiful. I took a lot of great shots and it’s definitely an accomplishment for me but I still can’t see myself doing it for a living. It’s just not me. Would I do it again? Yes but only if it’s a small event and if it’s for a friend or family member. Making a business out of it doesn’t seem appealing, not now at least.

What I really want to do is work with a team to do shoots. Leaning towards product and fashion photography. I need a stimulating environment where I can be excited to go to work.

Hopefully now since Spring is finally making an appearance my creative juices will start to flow again. I really hope so, I want to shake off this funk. If you’ve made it this far in this post thanks for listening <3.

What do you think I should do?

Engagement | Photo Friday

Hello there my lovely readers! Right now I am shooting my friend’s wedding but you know I can’t miss a Photo Friday right? For this week’s edition I wanted to share the images I took for my digital darkroom class. They turned out so nice to me that I’ll let them double as our engagement pictures. In the critique they were apparently “too cliché” but I mean I can’t change the fact that the fiance proposed in uniform. Oh well. Fuck them.

DSC_0092 DSC_0102 bw DSC_0113 IMG_3720 IMG_3731 IMG_3735 IMG_3746 bw IMG_3750 IMG_3772

Hope you love them as much as I do! We had a lot of fun shooting them as you can see. It was my first time using a remote shutter and it was awesome. I need me one of those.

photography friday

Ready for the warm weather

hello spring

Yesterday was such good weather. It had a little breeze but it was soo nice. I was still sporting a huge winter coat and scarf but that’s only because I just beat a cold. I felt a little head cold coming on so I bundled up and drank as much orange juice as possible. Thank God because I realllyy don’t wanna be sick for the weekend. But back to spring…

I wanted to boost everyone’s mood with some spring fever! Here are some things that I love about spring

-warm sunlight coming through the window
-new flowers
-baby animals
-warm breezes
-stowing away your winter coat
-smell of rain coming

What do you love about spring?