Saint Tropez/La Garde Freinet/Grasse,France and San Remo, Italy

Oh hey!

Today I wanted to share some photos my best friend took while on her adventure to France and Italy! My jealousy level overflowed and next time she has to stow me in her suitcase. But enough talk. Time for pictures!

100_0955 100_0961 100_0989 100_0994 100_1010 100_1014 100_1056 100_1062 100_1075 100_1093

I need to go to Europe. Like now.

One more week! | Weekly Wishes

Last week was filled with so many good things! For starters… I got my license!!! Thank you to everyone that wished me good luck! I almost failed by one point but who cares? I passed lol. Now I just want to drive everywhere but I still don’t have my car. *insert sobbing here*

Another great thing that happened was I had an amazing photo shoot for a friend. We went to this gorgeous gallery across from the Convention Center. The inside is really industrial with exposed brick and wiring. Even if the art wasn’t there I’d love it just because of the space. But let’s get back to the reason you’re really here for. Weekly wishes!

Last week’s wishes
-Prepare for portrait shoot:
 Done and it went so well!
-Enjoy last shoot for internship: It was short and sweet but it was still good nonetheless
-Call about entrance counseling: I still have a chance to complete it before I’m faced with a late fee so all is well
-Make walmart lists: My mom and I spent way too much money but half of it is done!

This week’s wishes
-Finish editing images: Since my last day of work is tomorrow I can focus on editing
-Call about move in date: They want to move me in on a Monday but people have to work Mondays so we need to fix this
-Finish walmart shopping: Now I need toiletries so back to walmart for me
-Plan going away feast: My friends and I always plan something before we split up for the school year. We’re thinking a cookout

The most important thing I need to do this week is PACK!! My brain hasn’t wrapped around that yet but I need to get moving before I end up having to rush.

College is so stressful


Write it Out | At this moment

Another writing prompt!! I just participated in the Write it Out last week but Clear the Way  just posted a new one! I always get great responses when I participate in these so I’m always on the lookout.

At this moment…

so many things are running through my mind.

I need to pack all of my things.
Toiletries, food, sheets, cookie monster blanket, cameras…
How long does a loan take to disburse?
What time do I move in?

Cannot wait to leave my job.
I wanted to punch her all day.
Can you be on call during the semester?
What about during the holidays?
Even bigger NO.

I miss him.
When will I see him again?
Can someone loan me $500 for a plane ticket?
Skype doesn’t cut it.
November can’t come any faster.

What happened to my motivation?
Disposable project came to an abrupt stop.
Why does it cost so much to get pictures developed?
Portrait shoot Wednesday.
Intern shoot Thursday.
I want a Fuji.

All of these things are running through my mind at the same time. I get so tired after work but sometimes I can’t even nap with all of this. I hope a lot of these things will die down when school starts because for now I just wanna sit in a corner and read all day.

If you want to participate in Write it Out click here to join in! It’s a blog hop!

So many pictures!! | Weekly Wishes

I’m posting my wishes way late today but I’m just so proud of myself right now I have share my success. Last week was good/bad with work but was great for my productive(ness)! I got more done in a day than I usually do in a week.

Last week’s wishes:
 D O N E
– Wrap up internship: 
Done. last shoot Thursday
-Edit make up shots: 
Done! she loved them :)
-Search for textbooks: 
Rented and shipped. Cost around $100 though…

3/4 of these were done in one day. I rented the books last Friday because it was the best day in the world. Pay day.

This week is filled with pictures and driving. Two things that have kept me going these past couple weeks.

This week’s wishes:
-Prepare for portrait shoot: someone I know from my old internship asked for some portraits so on Wednesday we’re off to DC for some snapshots!
-Enjoy last shoot for internship: I’m meeting my mentor for a shoot Thursday. It’ll be good to get back out there after Wednesday
-Call about entrance counseling: My school is saying I need to come in and sign something for my loans but I can’t just go up there whenever… they need to find something else for me to do instead
-Make walmart lists: It’s time to make a huge list of soaps, face washes and lotions for school
-PASS MY DRIVER’S TEST!!! My test is officially saturday!! Wish me luck!!

I drove to Baltimore and back today and it was a breeze. No screaming or yelling from the passenger. I’m so ready for the test. Cross your fingers!

What are you doing this week?


Such a long week



This gif is exactly how I feel today. It’s been such a long week with work and I worked all weekend. That should be a crime. And I checked the schedule and I have to work all this week except thursday and saturday.

I think they’re trying to kill me.

Some highlights of this week was I was off last Thursday and I had a wonderful day relaxing at a coffee shop getting work done. I edited all of the painted faces images, took out a loan (kill me) and updated my website! I really need more days like that. I still need to make my walmart lists for school (2 MORE WEEKS) but I’ll do that later.

I wanted to tell you all what this week will bring since it’ll be major but I’ll leave that for my weekly wishes.

Excuse me while I soak in exhaustion.

bath ducks

Painted Faces

I’ve wanted to show these babies off for awhile! I didn’t do a Photo Friday post last week but I’m making it up for it now. My friend called me one day and said her friend does hair and makeup and needed shots for her website. I’ve wanted to do a hair and makeup shoot for forever so she barely had to explain what it was before I said yes.

It was such a long day because I had work beforehand and I stayed there until about 11 pm but we got some pretty decent shots. The lighting there was bad because the lights she ordered didn’t get there in time but Lightroom definitely came through for me. Let me know what you think!

Painted Faces-3-2 Painted Faces-14 Painted Faces-23 Painted Faces-30 Painted Faces-38 Painted Faces-45 Painted Faces-54

photography friday

Write It Out | Favorite Summer Night

write it out

Hump daaayyyy!! It feels so good to be off tomorrow but even better that I found a new monthly writing prompt! I found this blog hop on Of trees and hues so it’s only right that I participate. This month’s prompt is favorite summer night as a child

I don’t know if I can pinpoint an exact night but most of them encompassed the same thing.

Wood chips.
The smell of rain.
Scraped knees.
Digging for bugs.
Petting dogs.

From noon until “the street lights came on”…
Jokes on you mom, during the summer the lights don’t come on until around 9 pm.
Besides, the ice cream truck doesn’t come around until 7 pm anyway.
Two packs of hot fries please!
No, I don’t want a Spongebob ice cream where his eyes will be extremely out of place.

The swing set is our airplane.

Breathing quickens.
Feet pounding.
So not fair guys!
You know I’m slow!

Sky slowly dims.
We lay down and watch the sunset.
Guys… is that a streetlight?
Oh no!!!

See you tomorrow!!