Most eventful semester of my life


I think it’s been almost a complete month since I’ve blogged. Not because I forgot about it, mainly because I’ve been so stressed out that I didn’t want the obligation of posting to weigh on my mind on top of everything else. School isn’t the only thing that’s been stressful; my relationship and friends also took a huge toll on me. So much that I don’t really know how I made it through, but let me just sum things up.

-I am no longer engaged
-I realized who my true friends are
-4 studio classes is never a good idea
-even professors have hard times
-I got two new cameras (for FREE)
-I won’t graduate until next December
-I still don’t have a car and I have no idea when I’ll have one
-my cousin has cancer
-I don’t want to live with my current roommates next semester
-the best guys never live in your state
-some guys lie about the dumbest things

Some things on this list are regular while some have completely changed my views on certain things. My motto for next semester is “I’m doing me”. I’m not going to put so much energy into making sure my friendships are strong because it caused so much stress for me that I didn’t even want to come home some days. I’m in school to graduate and that’s the extent of it. I still have friends and will have fun but at the end of the day it’s about me.

As for my relationship, it was wonderful while it lasted but this semester definitely opened my eyes to some things that I didn’t tolerate anymore. I still love him dearly but… I had to say goodbye. I’m happy that we can still be friends though.

This semester was hell.
And I’m glad it’s over.

Get out of my face!

My studio class has really taught me how to use external lights, so much that I’m slowly becoming more and more comfortable and plan to shoot with them more often now. I’ve even developed a good relationship with my mortal enemy: STROBES.

We had to shoot a subject in four locations; 2 inside and 2 outside. NO STUDIO LOCATIONS! I rented two speedlights to light my subject but I just couldn’t get my camera to interact with one of the speedlights in slave mode. Instead I just went with one flash and I thought well if there’s going to be one ugly flash, there will be a lot of ugly flash.

I chose to act like paparazzi.

_4044513 _4044567_4044611_4044587

I “caught” my roommate while she was dressed up in mundane places while also doing some thing she shouldn’t have been doing. Like buying diapers and alcohol under 21. It was a lot of fun shooting this because we actually went shopping at WalMart like this and people kept asking us what we were doing.

Make sure that if you’re out doing something you shouldn’t be that I’m not around!

Are you afraid of the dark?

I’m back with some photo projects! Our latest PhotoShop project was to composite several images with one point perspective and to show a subject prepared or afraid of the dark. It was fun raiding Google for large enough images to use. I decided to make images of people either afraid or reacting to something scary. For myself, I’m more afraid of what is in the dark rather than the dark itself. I see the dark as almost calming, especially when I’m falling asleep.

scared of clowns scared of it scared of the grim reaper

They aren’t perfect but I’ve come a long way in my editing skills. My class really enjoyed them. If you’re afraid of clowns I’m so sorry…

The Neglect…

Hellloooooo…. is anyone still out there?

I’ve neglected this blog for so long that I don’t even remember the last time I posted. School and life has kicked my ass so much that I haven’t had time to even think of things to post. Not to fear! I have lots of photo projects to share so that you won’t completely shun me.

I’ll give you all a huge update soon but in the meantime I just wanted to say hiiiiiii!!! :)


My new baby aka my old lady

So let me start by saying that disposable cameras are too expensive. Having to pay $8 per camera on top of the $8 it takes to get it developed and put on a CD is too much. I put a status on Facebook about my woes and my photo friend offered to give me an automatic film camera she didn’t want! If this isn’t perfect timing I don’t know what is.


Meet my newest baby! It’s so bulky and cute. It runs on smaller batteries so I went to Lowes looking for some but it was $10 for two batteries. Are you serious? I decided that I didn’t need them right this minute because I still have almost a whole box of disposables left, I’ll break this baby out when I run out. So now I won’t have to pay for a camera, just film. Regular Kodak black and white film is around $5 which isn’t much of a difference but in the long run I’ll be saving.

The only settings it has is flash, no flash and a timer but it has autofocus and rewinds the film automatically. I’m going back to the old days guys! Oh, what should I name her?

Do you have any old cameras?

Hello November

It’s the best month of the year!!! Why? Because I’ll finally be 21 at the end of the month. I have sooo much to do as far as schoolwork this month with essays, tests and critiques. Two of my critiques are on the same day. I don’t think I’ve ever had to be this creative in such short notice. It’s exciting and overwhelming at one time.

I have three photo projects due so I’ll spit out the ideas I have for them so far. For Documentary I want to go to this awesome hair expo this Sunday and document one of the free classes they’re supposed to have. Who doesn’t want to take pictures while they stock up on nothing but shea butters and leave ins? For my Studio class I’m shooting my roommate wearing really fancy clothing in mundane places. We’re supposed to use off camera flashes though so I’m not sure how I’ll do that yet. For my Photoshop class I’ll be using a lot of creepy tunnels and hallways to show how someone “prepares for the dark”. At least I won’t have to physically shoot for this one.

With all that work I can still look forward to going to Cali for the Marine Corps Ball for a couple days then going on Thanksgiving break. I’m expecting a lot of family time with food and drinks. Oh and a lot more drinking for my birthday!

I’d love to keep chatting but I have to study for my environmental science test tomorrow…

give up

Double Exposures

Have you ever seen an image that just seems otherworldly? Where you can just look at it over and over? The first thing that comes to mind for me are surreal images but what also comes to mind are double exposures. There are a few different ways to do this, there’s the in camera way and the Photoshop way. Lots of people that shoot film enjoy shooting double exposures. The way to do is after taking one photo, wind back the film so your next image will be on top. The photoshop way is combining the two images and changing opacities and blending modes.

I really want to try this for my final project in my alternative processes class. I think I want to play off of a mother nature theme by overlaying an image of a friend with trees. I’d have to learn how to do it through photoshop but first I need some inspiration.

The shapes of the subjects’ bodies create some of the most beautiful compositions. I want to use these images mixed with different colors to help emphasize the mother nature aspect. I want to use cyanotype for blue and Van Dyke for brown. I’d love to also do a green one but that process is way more complicated so I may not be able to. To see how these would come out you can see a few examples here.

Have you ever tried multiple exposures?