Happy Monday!! Today in my Photoshop class we had to do an assignment based on shadows to see how they fall in real life. We had to take 8 pictures of objects/people inside and outside. It was really hard for me to get into this series because it’s the first one of the year. I’m still in summer mode. I’d say about 3/4 of the images are decent while the others are just fillers. My groove is inching back in though so don’t judge me too harshly!

DSC_0002 DSC_0150 DSC_0110 DSC_0199 DSC_0220 DSC_0228

To emphasize the shadows I made everything black/white. A part of me is trying to challenge myself to take only b/w images for an entire year. It would be hard for me but in the end I’d probably looove it. What do you think?

Should I do it?

Spotlight #1


This week has been hectic has been crazy with lugging around a 4×5 camera and running to Baltimore for shadows. Along the way my friend and I discovered this awesome sushi place called XS (I think). Baltimore has dozens of wholes in the wall that has a buttload of good stuff. If you’re ever in downtown Baltimore go down Charles Street ok?

This week’s spotlight is blog Gary Pepper

The blog won the Bloglovin’ award for Best Photography and for good reason. 

Nicole Warne’s blog is the place to go for visual gold. I’m absolutely mesmerized by her images so don’t get stuck on it too long. It’s easy to get stuck in it.

Have a good week!

Back from the break


Helloooooo. Is anyone still out there? There are crickets and cobwebs around the blog for the past week. It’s been crazy with my four photo projects and trying to have fun with E while he was here. The blog got put waaay down on the priority list. Now that E is back in San Diego I can put more energy back into this little space.

I’ve decided that I wanted to stop participating in two of the link ups I normally did. One, because it stopped helping me or even the host stopped and two, it was only for views. I don’t want to solely be based upon how many readers I have so I’m going back to just posting things I love regardless of the amount of readers I have.

If you’ve stuck around for this long here’s a huge hug from me. Oh and my blog birthday was early this week!! It’s crazy that The Cracked Lens has been here for that long.

cookie monster dance

See you soon!

Birthday Bash

My parent’s are getting sooo old. Just kidding, they’re just 50. Today is mama Thai’s birthday and I got her earrings from Kay Jewelers and some perfume from Bath and Body Works. I wasn’t able to see her because I’m at school but I harassed her over the phone. I went home to surprise her last weekend but she ended up going to my aunt’s house so I missed her. Oh well.

My dad’s birthday is Sept. 11th (Yep) but my stepmom decided to celebrate early and plan a surprise birthday bash. All of our family and friends (including the mailman) came to celebrate. It took weeks and a lot of planning and scrambling but it was amazing to see how big his smile was. It was so hard not calling him and saying I’d see him at the party or to pick me up from school.


My dad is a car freak so we had to put one of his model cars on his cake. Such a baby lol

DSC_0005 DSC_0017

The lovely grandparents <3

DSC_0025 DSC_0028 DSC_0032

Lots so smiles :)

DSC_0035 DSC_0039 DSC_0042

Of course my dad and stepmom had to match. Annnnd she blinked.


My crazy cousins. We all stood at this spot and got drunk. 

It was a “no kids allowed” party so no kiddies to run after. Everyone let loose and had a great time. It feels good to finally be old enough to hang with the “adults” and drink. I’m still only 20 though so I had to kind of hide my drinks from my dad and godfather. After awhile I stopped caring though. Love you dad!!!

And a huge happy birthday to Mama Thai. I don’t have a recent picture unfortunately but I love you to pieces. My little old lady <3

The real work begins | Weekly Wishes


It’s Labor day Monday! It’s good because I don’t have class but bad because summer is officially over :(. Syllabus week is over in classes so now it’s time for all of the first projects to be given out. I dropped my physical geography class for environmental science & conservation so it’ll be my first time there. Although, I think it’ll still be a pretty relaxing week.

Last week’s wishes
-Finish loan requirements:
 All done, no more worrying about money.. for now.
-Organize planner: I put all of my syllabi together and wrote out all of my assignments in my planner. And dry erase calendar
-Organize folders: 
I only needed three folders/notebooks this semester. one for science and the other two for my other two teachers. I only have 3 teachers for 5 classes can you believe it?

This week’s wishes
-Get settled into new classes: Homework is due and photo demos will start
-Get ready to see E!! E is coming this Thursday to stay for almost a week! So excited

I honestly don’t have too many wishes this week because I’m hoping it will still be chill since it’s only the second week of school. Also with E here I can steal kisses between classes so I won’t be as stressed out. All of my roommates also will have their guys here so it’ll be pretty crazy this weekend. Two military guys and two civilian guys. I’m ready for the turn up!

This week’s picture is of my dad’s 50th birthday surprise party. It went great and he was sooo surprised. He wore a humungous smile the entire night. It was a no kids allowed party so all of the adults (and I) were pretty drunk the whole night… my dad had a hard time watching my cousins and I drink because he can’t accept that we’re all grown up now.

Love you daddy and happy birthday!!


Life Lately…


Good morning lovely ladies (and gentlemen?). Just wanted to pop in and say hello and tell what I’m up to. This morning I have to somehow avoid my dad all day and get to my grandparents house. More info tomorrow because I’m paranoid that his all knowing eyes can see this post.

listening… How many drinks? – Miguel
nothing but I’m craving something reeaaalllyy good
 water water water!
a Gold’s Gym t-shirt and the comfiest lounge pants I’ve ever warn from Target
excited about what’s happening later today
H O T. Summer isn’t gone just yet.
my 50 free prints from shutterfly to come in!!
my art classes to stop asking for more supplies.
I miss the fiance :(
my new apartment!! My living situation this year should be a lot smoother than last year

Wish me luck that the event today goes as planned. If it does there will be lots of hugs and smiles! Love you dad!