A Wedding

Good morning! Yesterday was such a blur for me, so much that I forgot to even post anything! I went to work, got off and smashed my finger in a window at my friends house and got the worst news of the century. As I’m typing I’m trying my best to not use my pinky since it’s so sore. My mom had the audacity to not kiss it to make it better!

Remember that post I did about not being paid for photography? Well as of yesterday I got paid for both!! I sent the bride her pictures via USB because they were way too big for me to try and send online. I wanted to share the images I put into black and white because they’re my absolute favorites.

Shyan and Ret-4 Shyan and Ret-9 Shyan and Ret-15 Shyan and Ret-20 Shyan and Ret-24 Shyan and Ret-27 Shyan and Ret-28 Shyan and Ret-29 Shyan and Ret-32

The ceremony was so beautiful! I’m definitely proud of these images and I really need to revamp my portfolio and add these because I’m definitely proud of these.

Note: Please do not use these images. If you would like share them please let me know and give me credit.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fulfilling Requirements | Weekly Wishes


My relaxing quick vacation has ended :(. My dad and stepmom have returned from Alabama so my services are no longer needed. I wish I could still stay there but I have to be at work at 6 am tomorrow. I didn’t get work done like I should have on this staycation but it felt good just doing nothing all day. No stress, no one bothering you and no obligations. Now that it’s over I have to get things done before August when my ‘back to school’ overdrive kicks in.

Last week’s wishes:

-Start training: done! I learned pretty quick and I got the hang of being in the stock room again
-Pack for dads: done and over with sadly
-Fulfill internship requirement: Should’ve been done but I was too busy doing nothing
-Search yoga sessions: I did and I found a great 40 minute and 20 minute workout to do

This week’s wishes

-Fulfill internship requirements: still on the list
-Email gallery director: I haven’t talked to her in such a long time and I feel like she thinks I forgot about her but I promise I haven’t!
-Talk to parents about potential loan: Super important because if I need one I need to start applying now
-Send transcript: Dad gave me a little money so now I can send my transcript from my summer class and get credit!

This week will be a busy one with these goals and I have work tues-fri that all start at 6 am. If I don’t post on my usual Wednesday and Friday it means I’m asleep.

How does your week look?



Yesterday my friend Allison and I wanted to desperately get out of the house so we decided to go to Artscape. It’s a free art festival that’s held in the heart of Baltimore from July 18-20. THAT MEANS TODAY! It was like a carnival with all the food, a couple games and even a ferris wheel.

A few streets were blocked off and vendor after vendor showcased different works from every kind of artist. Illustrations, photography, paintings… whatever you wanted.

This is the kind of art I love, no weird abstractions on a blank white wall. It’s time and effort put into pieces. There’s no need for fame and fortune, it’s just exposure and appreciation for your work. I really wish I could’ve bought something but it was so hard to pick that I didn’t end up buying anything!


She was nervous because she doesn’t like heights, I made her get on anyway lol. She said it wasn’t too bad though.


I took a lot of pictures yesterday. I don’t want to overload you with the pictures so I’ll post more later. Art festivals might be my new favorite thing to go to. Oh and it was FREE. Minus parking… lol.

If you know of any other art festivals in the future let me know!

I swear I’m always saving

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.43.19 PMThis is the next camera I’m saving for. It’s the fujifilm x-e1. I’ve personally never used a fuji before but ever since laying my hands on the x-pro 1 and taking these pictures I’m hooked. I’m still on the hunt for a great compact camera that packs a punch and I’m pretty confident this will live up to my expectations.

I bought the Samsung NX2000 which is great but it still doesn’t do exactly what I want it to. Sometimes I feel like I’m just buying camera after camera but I promise it’s for a reason.

For a beautiful video about why this woman (and I) love photography click here as fast as you can.

Happy Friday!

photography friday

A Day with Cloe

Do you ever have one of those days where you have no obligations so you just go with the flow? These days are my favorite because I always end up doing something fun. Fun doesn’t always mean burning energy and frolicking outside though, this day was fun because it was spent with my best friend and food.


Gotta walk Macy so Cloe tagged along because she loves Macy more than me. obviously.


It was free slurpee day!! It sucks how it’s only the tiny cups but it made no difference to us once we got them.


Spotted: Female monk in Safeway! I think she’s from the Cambodian temple because of the color of her robes.


We finished the day making salmon cakes that were sooooo good. Cloe is a borderline chef so whenever she plans to make something you know I’m there. I helped with the mixing and making them into little cakes. The added lemon zest and juice made them perfect so I took some home to share with the asians.

Every summer needs at least 20 spontaneous days. When’s the last time you’ve had one?